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Ingrown Pubic Hair

Updated on January 27, 2010
Be careful shaving! Irritating practices such as shaving against the grain can cause ingrown pubic hair.
Be careful shaving! Irritating practices such as shaving against the grain can cause ingrown pubic hair.

Not Another Ingrown Hair!

We have all at one time or another fallen victim to ingrown hairs. While this condition doesn't naturally manifest on its own, activities such as shaving often make it at an issue. An ingrown hair is nothing more than a hair that has failed to properly exit the hair follicle, and has instead grown in the opposite direction. The hair embeds itself in the skin, where it can cause irritation and even infection. Ingrown hairs can even cause acne, as they create pore blockages. Sebum is allowed to accumulate inside and the acne bacteria breeding frenzy begins. Now, getting ingrown hairs on your face or arm is one thing. But, many people are reporting to have ingrown pubic hairs. To those that are unfamiliar with this condition, the appearance of such lesions in these private regions often proves to be alarming. Many people actually mistake ingrown pubic hairs for an STD such as herpes. While this may be intimidating to treat at first, there is really nothing to it. With the right products and a little patience, you can effectively treat and prevent ingrown pubic hairs.

Treating Ingrown Pubic Hair

Since an ingrown pubic hair often resembles an acne lesion, we have that impulse to squeeze at it. This is one of the worst things you can do. From an aesthetic vantage point, this is a poor choice of action. You will cause scarring that can only be reversed with a professional treatment. On a more important note, squeezing simply makes the problem worse. You are pushing the hair strand further down into the follicle, increasing the chance of infection and elongating treatment time. What needs to carried out is some exfoliation. This will help bring the trapped hair strand back to the surface of the skin where it can be removed.

The most popular choice for exfoliation is salicylic acid, which is an active ingredient in many popular acne products. You should wash the affected area with salicylic acid on a daily basis using a cleansing product. This should be done gently as to not further irritate the site of the ingrown pubic hair.

You will find that some sites recommend tampering with the clogged follicle using a pin or other sharp object. This is not a good idea for more reasons than one. The ingrown hair should begin to show improvement with regular exfoliation in about a week, so there is absolutely no need to take drastic and dangerous measures.

If you really can't resist picking at the lesion, at least be sure it is ready to give way. Don't pick at is when it's overly tender and apparently not willing to budge. Have some rubbing alcohol handy to disinfect the site of the extraction as to keep any bacteria from migrating to nearby pores. Whatever you decide to do, avoid shaving while the ingrown pubic hair is still plaguing you. This will only make matters worse.

Extraction Technique

Preventing Ingrown Pubic Hair

If you really want to save yourself the hassle of dealing with these pesky ingrown hairs, there are some steps you can take to outright prevent them. Before shaving, make sure your skin is prepared. Take a warm bath to open up your hair follicles so that you have to exert less force while shaving. Be sure to exfoliate the area prior to shaving and afterwards for extra assurance. To keep irritation down, moisturize the area with a product like Cetaphil.

While shaving, always make sure to go with the grain and not against it. This can mean the difference between no ingrown pubic hairs and several of them. Try to replace your razor regularly so that you don't irritate your skin with a dull blade. If you implement all of these tips, your skin should be free of ingrown hairs in no time!


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    • profile image

      LNH1941 2 years ago

      Has anyone Tried the "No, No" advertised on TV for Hair Removal?

    • profile image

      almorr 4 years ago

      Really, there seems to be an awful lot of fussy people about, if they don't want to have a jungle of pubic hair, they don't need to go to the length of shaving all the hair off and then they would avoid ingrown hair. All they need to do is cut it down a bit, that might ensure that they don't have ingrown hair. Trimming is far better than shaving the lot off.