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Insanity Extreme Workout: 30 Days in...result. (Part Two)

Updated on November 24, 2015

Time will tell.

Who would have thought that an exercise program could actually give descent results? Of course this is my 30 day marker point, I still have another 30 days to go for the proclaimed exercise program to have full results. If you have read my first hub on the Insanity program you will realize this is part two of a 3 part series. I set it up this way so that those interested in the Insanity Program could get a view of its potential as you move through it.

In the Insanity program you go through a weekly regimen of 4 different exercise videos. Day 1, Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Day 2, Cardio Power and Resistance. Day 3, Cardio Recovery. Day 4, Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Now essentially your supposed to do the Fit Test every other week and then follow the calendar schedule for the next exercise. However you only get one complete day off,  and I must admit considering my schedule I sometimes have more then one day off. That's why my time frame between day 1 and day 30, kinda stretched. I am still on a continuous path of following the calendar schedule though.

I decided to allow everyone to view the Fit Test on this hub, because I get the feeling that if you can make it through the Fit Test video with out dying then you will probably be capable of continuing with Insanity. Of course its always recommended to see a doctor before attempting, but I took the risk.

What's in store for your first 30!

According to Shawn T. and the beach body fitness company, its important to drink a recovery formula and follow a nutrition chart that they provide. Sadly I intend to do no such thing through my entire 60 days. I am sure eating healthy and proper nutrients are helpful to get effective results, but I wanted to see them with just the exercise. If you recall in "part one" I mentioned I did not get a lot of exercise, but I also had a decent metabolsim. I didn't mention this before but I intended to eat the crap and junk I always ate for the first 30 days to just get a sense of the real answers I needed. The answers I been looking for was "does eating healthy really effect exercise results?" also " could I eat whatever I want but look toned?". By the end of this Insanity Program I hope to achieve my answers.

So, I plan to eat better for the next 30 days and now I am gonna tell you why. Your first 2 weeks are gonna seem like hell on earth if you are out of shape. You do lots of jumping and push ups and a zillion squats and lunges. Although those strength type exercises may seem tough, they are nothing compared to the constant cardio and stretching. I sweat gallons every time I jump into these exercises, but where it really drains is during the stretching and balance. Not everyone has the problem with stretching, but when your muscles are soar and tired and you feel as though you just ran a few miles. The stretching can seem like dire strain for an unimaginable amount of time. Lets see: sweat enough to fill a swimming pool, muscles ache for days, wind gets knocked out of you for an hour and burp up your lunch in your mouth, yep that sums it up.

I encourage you to eat before exercise, however do not eat directly before the exercise. Give yourself an hour or two between, also drink tons of water and little of anything else. Now when I ate crap every day I really felt it during the exercise. I would burp, fart and have to stop for trip to the bathroom in between the exercise. Not to mention the burn of acid reflux and frequent vomit spit up in my mouth. Yeah I know its gross but its the truth and its better to hear it now then to go through it. More importantly is the fact that you will begin to crave food constantly, because of how much you burn. I made the mistake of falling into the master plan of these cravings, where instead what you should do is try to keep a consistant diet.

My result today.

 I have applied my 30 day photo of my body to this hub. If you want to see the change for yourself please read "part one" of this insanity series. I have noticed a lot of weight dropping in my face and neck, also I am slowly getting abs to show up. The biggest result I have found is in my legs, they are so tight that I feel solid when I walk. Insanity provides me with so much more stamina, also tons of mobility in my joints. I will admit this program really does provide you with much better health all around. I now feel like the simplest tasks in the day are extremely easy to do, and I can do them faster. I also have been testing myself with this insanity program in school. I took a physical fitness class in college this semester and in the beginning I did not have insanity. However there were 4 runs in this semester and each one was 1.5 miles. I got insanity just after I completed run number 2. This was the result of the runs in the form of how long it took me to complete 1.5 miles. Run 1 = 15.36 mins/poor, Run 2 = 16 mins/very poor, Run 3 = 13.26 mins/average, Run 4 = 13 mins/average.

I will do the Insanity program for the rest of my life. The reason why I can state that without any doubt, is because it has refreshed my body so much to this point. I honestly think that Insanity would be a great daily warm up throughout life. Those people that want to continue on past insanity will be able to do that with ease, because they will feel refreshed and warmed up with the Insanity exercises. My joints will stay healthy and I will increase in stamina daily. I will probably gain an extra 20 years on my life, which sounds wonderful to me.


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    • XactScienZ profile image

      XactScienZ 5 years ago from UTAH

      Part Three is available on my profile.

    • profile image

      Lane 5 years ago

      yeah, how did it go?

    • XactScienZ profile image

      XactScienZ 5 years ago from UTAH

      yes its similar should work fine.

    • profile image

      LaurenM 5 years ago

      Do you know if you can do the p90x nutrition plan with insanity?

    • anthonycoburn profile image

      anthonycoburn 6 years ago from UK

      how did it go in the end? Big changes or just feeling stronger?