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The Insidious Insecurities

Updated on January 30, 2020
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Just another human being drifting through space and time; living life; sometimes even experiencing it

They are a never-ending and self re-enforcing trap. They attack by tricking us into a very deceptive impression whose consequences are catastrophically disabling and destructive. They direct us to worry about a certain thing, or a certain issue. Their mode of attack is a very peculiar one. They pick out a subtle doubt or a tiny regret lying somewhere in mind, project it as a major issue and ask you to worry about it as if it is your final ultimate problem. This impression can trick a subject into believing that once this problem gets solved, there won’t be anything else to worry about and there will be a freedom from the jail of self-doubt. In order to get that much-deserved freedom, the individual under attack directs all of their mental resources towards battling the self-doubt and the falsely exaggerated crisis created by the mind.

All good parts about love, care, compassion and understanding fade out while acting out of insecurity or fear. instead of handling that insecurity or fear; these fears and insecurities should be identified carefully and then tackled. In the specific case being discussed, the whole behavior of the victim is modeled out of a set off related insecurities and fear. In most cases, these insecurities are related to not being good enough or adequate. When a person allows these insecurities to dictate the behavior in a relationship, natural feelings of love, compassion and understanding cannot be accommodated anymore. These insecurities significantly hamper the ability of a person to grow and progress individually as a person as well as grow mutually in a relationship.

This form of insecurities is extremely prevalent in society around us. The sad thing is that this chronic form of insecurity completely takes over the personality of a person. The victim becomes impulsive, compulsive and clingy. All of the key decision making of a person is inspired by these insecurities and fear. The person is no longer able to learn, adapt and adjust. The missteps are considered to be a failure and further re-enforce the insecurity. The subject is thus no longer able to learn from the mistakes and improve. Moreover, the subject finds it next to impossible to either attain a balance of any sort or to sit down, relax and evaluate and think. The compulsive, impulsive and extremely clingy behavior dissolves and overshadows all that is good about that person. All of the good attributes of the person are nowhere to be seen. All of the aforementioned much-celebrated traits of a person just vanish and give way to clingy behavior. This is extremely damaging to the individual under consideration as well as all of the relations of that person. All of the good things about the relationship get lost in the intricate, extremely complex and never-ending maze of these insecurities and fears.

Learning and growing as a person in a subject matter in which insecurities are ensuing is by far the best and only way to move forward and to go about things. In addition, this approach also alleviates anxiety.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Fawad ul Hassan


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