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Inspirational Stories – The Perseverance of a Spider

Updated on July 12, 2011

Everyday our minds face all kinds of emotional states. Sometimes situations turn very bad, we end up losing motivation and courage. Motivational and inspirational quotes or stories fire up our perseverance.  Perseverance is the key to success. Here is a simple inspirational story.

King Venus and King Jupiter

There was a king called Jupiter, who ruled a small territory. He was not a great king, just another king who happened to inherit the kingdom from his father. He was not a great warrior, not an inspirational personality either. His kingdom was surrounded by a huge territory, which was ruled by a mighty king called Venus. Venus was displeased to see king Jupiter’s territory.  He could not digest the fact that there was a tiny territory located within his huge kingdom, ruled by another king. Motivated by king Jupiter’s tepidity, king Venus dreamt of capturing the territory. But he could not do so, because king Jupiter is his brother-in-law, he would have to do some real explaining at home if he ever send his army to capture Jupiter. So Venus instructed his army to engage in skirmishes along the border. Once in a while those skirmishes went too far, and king Jupiter would run to his sister for help. She would persuade king Venus to let king Jupiter live in his territory.

The Perseverance of a Spider

This time when king Venus’s army chased king Jupiter, he hid himself inside a cave. He was frustrated with his life. He told himself “ what kind of a life is this? I cannot live in my own territory. This rude king Venus is chasing me out ever since I became a king. Why should I go on like this? Let me give up and go away somewhere”. It just happened that while he was thinking he saw a spider on the cave trying to climb up the roof. Every time the spider climbed up it fell down, after a fe steps. The spider then started all over, from the scratch. Again the spider slipped the mud and fell down. The spider went on like this for 91 times, eventually made it to the roof.

King Jupiter was in awe of the spider and its perseverance. That was his inspirational story and he understood the value of perseverance. He told himself “ If a little spider could hold on for 91 times, then why not me? I will fight forever for my territory”.

King Jupiter went on fighting for his territory until the death of king Venus, and king Saturn, king Venus’s son eventually assured him his kingdom would never be captured. The little spider motivated such a huge man. All we have to do is just look around nature for motivational facts.


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