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Instructions for Your Final Week of Smoking

Updated on July 12, 2015

Welcome to your final week of smoking


Lifting the veil of illusion to reveal the magician's trick

Every time you smoke a cigarette your mind is somewhere else. Your awareness is elsewhere while you raise and lower that glowing stick to your mouth suck in and blow out smoke. You do it without ever once thinking about what you are doing. It is an automatic behaviour like walking, or driving a car because you don't concentrate any longer on the actions involved. You just do it while your mind thinks of other things.

The way to stop smoking is to start smoking but to do it with full awareness on the activity! I know what I have said may come as a surprise to you but that is exactly what is required. How else can you bring this subconsciously controlled behaviour under your conscious control unless you start deliberately doing it rather than doing it without thinking. You must do it with your concentration fully on the ritual of smoking. The mind cannot play tricks on you if you focus your attention on the activity as if you are smoking each cigarette for the first time and fully savouring everything that goes with the activity because now there is so much involved and you just haven't noticed how elaborate the ritual has become.

Distracted attention


You never actually appreciate the cigarette you are smoking because your mind is never on the smoking. While you are smoking you are normally thinking of something else. You are either thinking about something that has already happened or anticipating something that has yet to happen or you may even be daydreaming but you are never relishing the cigarette the way you would a delicious meal. You are often also talking to someone or doing something while you are smoking. Your mind needs to find good reasons for you to continue inhaling damaging poisons into your body so it creates them. It makes associations between the times you smoke and the activity of smoking and the magician creates reasons out of associations. Your the mind the magician has found ways to create justifications for the behaviour that now lacks any logical need. The mind creates needs that don't even exist and the way it does this is by linking them to things you already do. If you smoke while drinking alcohol then a time will come when you will find difficult or uncomfortable to drink without smoking. If you smoked when under stress then stress becomes a reason to smoke. If you smoked with friends then friendship becomes a reason to light up in company. In this way the magician weaves a web so complex that you helplessly stand by and participate in a show with you as the willing innocent volunteer.


Have you done the necessary mind preparation?

If you are reading this I am assuming that you have played the audio called “Treatment Preparation by Xavier” that I recommended you listen to for at least 10 days before reading the instructions below. Do not read any further if you have not listened to the preparation audio for at least 10 days. I would strongly suggest that you return to and read my article 'Preparation to Stop Smoking in One Week 'explaining the need to prepare your mind before embarking on your final week of smoking.


A slave no more

Now that you have done the necessary mind preparation it is time for you to embark on the exciting last leg of your journey to freedom from slavery to cigarettes. Your dance with tobacco is ending. your love affair with the poison called nicotine is coming to an end as you now start to love an accept yourself more and more with each passing day.

Follow the instructions carefully


The magician is your own mind so unless you prepare the mind you run the risk of falling for the magician's tricks again. The audio ensures that you can focus your attention at will and take charge of your mind. Regularly listening to the audio as I have asked teaches you to relax and direct your attention so that you become the master in the house of your own mind and are no longer led by a mind that lies to you in order to maintain an illusion.

My Stop Smoking method requires you to smoke every cigarette for the next week full attention on the activity of smoking and everything that goes with your smoking ritual.

Notice how you light your cigarette. How you hold your hands and how you hold your head. Make yourself aware of the ritual you go through each and every time you decide to have a cigarette.

As you inhale the smoke make yourself aware of the feel of the cigarette on your lips and which part of your lips. Concentrate on the smoke going into your mouth and follow it down your throat and into your lungs.

As you exhale follow the passage of stale smoke out of your lungs and out through your mouth. Count how long it takes you to inhale. Count how long you let it stay in your lungs before releasing the smoke. Count how long it takes for you to exhale all the smoke from your lungs.

Notice if it takes longer to inhale or exhale the smoke going in and coming out and make yourself aware of the taste and smell involved as you do this.

Make yourself aware of the sensation in your throat as the smoke enters your lungs and compare this sensation to the sensations as you exhale the smoke.

Notice how you stand or if you prefer to sit and if you tend to do things with your hands and how you hold the cigarette each time you smoke.

If someone interrupts you...tell them they will have to wait until you have finished. By paying full attention to your smoking you cannot entertain any interruptions. The mind is always looking for ways to associate and it does this when you lose concentration. Keep focussed and you will succeed.

Use everything about the smoking ritual that normally takes only a few minutes as a way of focussing your attention. Notice how you put each cigarette out and the rituals involved in putting it out.


Smoking Journal

Get a notebook and on the front cover write: Smoking with awareness by (your name). Write a detailed description of how you smoke in this notebook after you have finished your first cigarette with awareness. With each subsequent cigarette you smoke see if you need to add anything to your story or change anything about the way you smoke. Really throw yourself into this and meticulously describe your smoking ritual in every detail. By the end of one week of smoking cigarettes with full awareness you will not wish to continue smoking and will find more worthwhile activities to spend your time, energy and money on.

Read my instructions carefully every day to remind yourself because the magician will do everything to get you to go back to smoking without thinking. While you are not thinking about the smoking he continues to keep the illusion alive that you need to smoke. With your eyes wide open now the trick is revealed and it is now up to you to keep them open while during this very important week. It only takes at most one week of doing anything with awareness before it loses its attraction and that is the basis for breaking any addiction.

Welcome to your last week of smoking cigarettes!

Recommended Reading for your Last Week of Smoking

I highly recommend Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking as a great read for your final week of smoking:

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking from Amazon


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