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Interesting Quick Home Remedy for Treating Hiccups

Updated on September 26, 2012
Do you enjoy hiccups as much as I?
Do you enjoy hiccups as much as I? | Source


The concept of hiccups is a serious and also sometimes funny matter.  Some hiccups take hours to subside while some are fairly quick, quick as in minutes.  When it is not you having the issue it tends to bring a few laughs, but when it is you, it feels a bit annoying and if you are with others or at work, it is more of an embarrassing matter.  There are ways to get rid of it or treat it, but the treatment is usually 50/50.  Like drinking water, if you drink one glass, it may or may not work.  But eventually it will, just as other treatments, some suggest eating a teaspoon of sugar.  There are many treatments for hiccups, which is good since some treatments like eating sugar is not much an option to diabetics.

The reason for hiccups

There is a wide variety of reason that can cause hiccups, such as smoking, eating too fast, drinking something of different temperature back to back, drinking alcohol, and many other reasons.  More specific on causes, when eating too fast air can get trapped and causes hiccups, while too much food causes hiccups because of irritations to the diaphragm.  Now there are some causes from much more severe situations, some chronic disorders that involves the brain stem such as brain tumors and/or strokes can cause hiccups as well.  Hiccups are not something to take lightly, always try to listen to what your body tells you. The body only reacts to what makes it feel irritated, and then produce a result which is hiccups. 

Treatments to rid hiccups

There are many treatments as said earlier, and some of it are:
- Eating sugar ( may need a few teaspoons to clear )
- Smelling salt can help
- Drink cold water, but drinking it quickly
- Have someone surprise and scare or startle you
- Hold your breath

All this is the more popular ones and some need to be done more then ones to remedy the problem. Now we will look at a more interesting way to clear hiccups which many thought it was odd but intrigue on how it works, and its simple to use.

Another method used

This method involves drinking water as well, but just adding an extra step along with it.  If you have someone with you, have them hold your wrist tightly but not to a point it hurts.  Now after they are holding onto your right wrist, drink the water, and as you swallow the water, release the grasp on your wrist slowly.  So again, but this time if you are alone.  Drink and hold the water in your mouth, grasp hold of your right wrist tightly.  Now, as you begin to swallow, you will also begin to release your wrist.  And when done your hiccups should be gone, this method has been used many times and rarely does it need to be done more than ones, providing its done right the first time.

Next time you get hiccups, find out why you are getting it.  Never treat things like those likely, even if it seems light.



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    • snoblet profile image

      Dave Rogers 5 years ago from New York

      @honeybee2u Thanks for checking this out, I was surprise when I had the hiccups and my friend had me do this and was able to get rid of it almost immediately. Thanks again!

    • honeybee2u profile image

      honeybee2u 5 years ago from PNG

      Wow! That is indeed interesting. I only know of the common ones like drinking water and having someone startle you. I might try it out the next time I have hiccups. Thanks for sharing.