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Interesting Information About Your Nose that will Leave You Shocked

Updated on July 26, 2016

Interesting Facts About the Human Nose

Some of us love our nose, some of us hate it, but none of us can deny its importance, whether it is in our appearance or as an olfactory organ. The importance of the nose in human body can be guessed by the fact that more than 250,000 nose reshapings were done in 2010.

Interestingly, there are 14 different types of noses found in humans, according to research done by Abraham Tamir, a PhD holder and Chemical Engineer from Israel. These shapes depend upon the ethnic background of the person. Did you know that members of the same family have the same sneezing pattern? Or that a human nose can detect more than 10,000 scents with the help of olfactory cells.

Role of the Nose in the Body You May be Unaware Of

  • Helps in Breathing: Other than being the primary source of breathing in the human body, it also prepares the air we breathe by humidifying it for our throat and lungs, which cannot tolerate dry air. Now you know why your throats gets dry while running or playing? Because at that time, you are breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. The air we breathe also contains dust particles and other unwanted elements, which are also filtered by the nose.
  • Shapes the Sound of the Voice: The voice of a person that we hear while speaking or singing is the result of resonating structures in the throat and nose. Although the sound is produced in larynx, its quality is determined by the reception from the nose and throat. Remember Himesh Reshamiya singing 'Tandoori Nights'? Don't try that though!
  • It Helps in Finding a Mate: Believe it or not, it's true! It's amazing how some of our body parts are directed towards our sexual activities. The smell that we get from the other person plays a major factor in identification when we are close to them. The smell we get through the scent, soap or perfume leads to sexual arousal while the loss of smell leads to decreased sexual drive.

According to researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, humans can even sense emotions like fear and disgust by smelling the clothes and sweat of the other person. Feel like an avenger already? The speed of your sneeze is nearly 150 kilometers per hour, which is almost equal to the pace at which Shoaib Akhtar bowls, while the particles from a sneeze can go as far as 5 feet away.

So, what happens when this crucial organ it stops working? Now that you know so much about it, it is impossible to imagine a day when the nose is blocked with a cold. Having a healthy nose is the key to a pleasant day, according to ENT specialists in Hyberabad.

Injuries and Disorders

Some of the problems that this vital appendage can face include:

  • Deviated Septum: The shifting of the wall that divides the nasal cavity into two halves.
  • Nasal Polyps: A soft growth that develops in the sinuses or the lining of the nose.
  • Rhinitis: Inflammation of the nose cause by allergies, cold and fever. The main symptom is a runny nose.
  • Nasal Fractures: Broken nose, something that you would like to stay away from.

How to Keep Your Nose Healthy

  • Use a nasal spray for nose related problems but read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Steam with hot water every once in a while. It is the safest and the most effective method according to ENT specialists at Hyderabad.
  • Clean your home regularly and clear the dust.
  • Avoid active as well as passive smoking.
  • In case of any problem, visit a good ENT hospital in Hyderabad.

Always remember that your nose also protects you. Anything that it cannot smell is lethal to humans. Handle it with care or pay the price. Whenever you plan not to, just look at a picture of Voldemort and you'll be back on the right track.


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