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Internet Induced Stress

Updated on September 10, 2009


I'm more stressed out than ever and it's because of the Internet. The Internet has not made my life easier; it has caused me more stress. The Internet stresses me out in numerous ways. I find myself constantly anxious because of the Internet. Some days I wish Al Gore (just kidding!) never invented the Internet. I want my simple existence back, where snail mail was exciting and reading a magazine was a fun way to stay current.

Email Stress

Email is constant stress for me. I can never catch up. I just counted and I have almost ten email accounts - yahoo, school, gmail, personal, work, hobby, etc. This doesn't even include email that is contained within web applications, like facebook, twitter, athlinks, etc. I constantly feel stressed out because I may have missed an email or owe someone a reply.

Finance Stress

Online access to my finances stresses me out. I check my balances, payments, performance, etc., all the time now. I have access to my 401k, checking account, all my credit cards, IRA, investments, water bill, electric bill, phone bill, etc. I check these things all the time and they simply add to my stress, especially when I look at my investments.

Social Networking Stress

I belong to facebook, twitter, athlinks, linkedin, hubpages, etc. There is not enough time in the day to keep up with all these things. I've been accused of ignoring people because I didn't respond to things as silly as a "poke" in facebook. I never talk to anyone on the phone anymore, it's always via email or a social networking site. These sites merely add stress to my life. I constantly feel like I may have missed something. I also fear being labeled antisocial or being kicked out of a group because I don't participate enough.

Gaming Stress

I'm not a true gamer, but I do play World of Warcraft (WOW) and I have invested a significant part of my life into my character (Horde, of course). The problem is that I'm a "casual player" (everything is relative). Although I like WOW, it causes a great deal of stress too. I am constantly kicked out of Guilds because I'm not "there" enough. I also have friends (well, enemies in the game) plotting against me, but I do not play enough to get great armor and weapons to possibly defeat them. I also forget how to play properly sometimes and I'm chastised in the game by true players for my lack of skills.

News Stress

I work in Information Technology (IT) and everyone seems to have a chip on their shoulder about proving they know more than you about what's going on. It's sort of an "intellectual dick fear", as one of my coworkers put it. People will ask you if you heard about the latest thing Microsoft is doing and if you don't know, they scoff and look at you with this expression like "uh, you should know this". It's like an unplugged life is unacceptable. The more I'm unplugged, the more stress for me, because I have to compete and relate to people that are constantly "plugged in".

Shopping Stress

I pretty much do all my shopping online. I use amazon, peets coffee online, and just about any online store I can find. I can't stand the mall or shopping in public. I even tried ordered groceries online for awhile, but that was too much of a hassle. Although convenient, online shopping stresses me out because I spend too much money. If I want to buy a book, I simply search amazon, add to my cart, and check out. My credit card, shipping preferences, etc., are all saved, so it takes less than five minutes. I do this way too often and it stresses me out. If I had to drive to Barnes and Nobles, look for the book, stand in line, etc., I probably wouldn't spend as much. I have even been enticed to buy amazon's recommendations for me. Amazon knows my taste almost better than me!


The Internet causes me a great deal of stress. I yearn for the days of simplicity. I often think about unplugging, but I'm not sure if I can unplug and still function in society. The Internet has assimilated me now I can't live without it. It's like a drug and I need a cure. What do you do though when everyone you know is on the drug? You can't relate when you're the only sober one.

Unplug? Take the Red Pill
Unplug? Take the Red Pill


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    • profile image

      anon 8 years ago

      - delete your facebook, myspace account and just use ONE social network ...

      - delete all email account except ONE ... and use this ONE only ...

      - do only have contact with people which you ALSO meet in real life, not only on the net or people you would date in real life ...

      - don't add people "as friends" when you never met them ...

      - delete your WOW account , it seems that you already are not interested in it so much which is your right - but don't waste your time with people who kick you out and don't accept you HOW YOU ARE ... these people are a waste of time ...

      - check your financial situation only once a week ...

      - delete your stupid twitter account ( like said and only keep ONE! social account )

      - do not care about these IT people ... you don't need to know about microsoft things .. and you know it ... when they talk to you then say : "NO i don't know this and i have more important things to think about than this ...." - tell them this ...

      - try to find shops in your near where you can buy the things OFFLINE you need ...

      - and now comes THE MOSE IMPORTANT RULE of all: _REDUCE_ the hours you spend online daily ... if you have lets say, 6 hours a day on the net - CUT 2 or more hours off and use them OFFLINE - and let your PC OUT ... believe it or not: the real problem is the TIME you spent online, not all the things you have online - maybe have ONE day in every week , where you are NOT online ... the rest of days, liks said: _reduce_ the HOURS - from 6 to 3 hours , from 8 to 5 hours and so on ...

      it is the "behing behind the pc on the internet" which causes this stress ... not the things you have there alone ... you need more time OFFLINE .. turn your PC off if you feel stressed and stay OFFLINE until you feel better - it is that simple ...

    • kea profile image

      kea 9 years ago

      Greetings, everyone! Thanks for the great comments and advice.

      @Aya - uh, yeah, Horde rule! I am one of the good guys :)

    • Aya_Hajime profile image

      Aya_Hajime 9 years ago

      lol - great hub silly bird, and so true in many ways. You make a very good point - while the internet does give us a lot of flexibility and makes it easier for us to do many things, it also seems to speed life up and creates this sort of hectic existence. Hooking up with people is nice, but it also makes us a lot more competitive. There is always a but in there somewhere :)

      And WoW Horde?! Say it isn't so! I thought you were one of the good guys.

      Poor Al, will he have to pay for the Internet thing for his whole life? :)

    • efa_09 profile image

      efa_09 9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Even computers sleep, so take time out and relax!

    • profile image

      einron 9 years ago

      Poor soul! You have let all this technology get you down. What a shame! Just wind down! I have to pray for myself to have self control in my thoughts, my actions, my behaviour, my temper, my tongue, etc.

      I pray this every day. I am sure you will find a way to control yourself. God bless.

    • TheRealTruth profile image

      TheRealTruth 9 years ago from Virginia

      I too yearn for simplicity, but have long since realized that without robot armageddon or the zompire apocolypse, simplicity shall not return. In the meantime....maybe slash a few of those social sites? or shoot...its just the internet....why let it get to you like that? (habit)

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      You do sound like your stressed out. Don't let the Net or anything for that matter take control of you. Take it easy :D


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