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Intolerances or Allergies? Here's How to Protect Your Skin

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Intolerances and allergies: a risk for the skin

If you suffer from intolerances and allergies, you will certainly have already experienced the effects that this clinical condition can have on the skin. At best, redness and itching. At worst, eczema, rashes and even papules. The most unfortunate skins undergo a chronic process, which in the long run (often in a limited time) permanently disfigures the skin. This is certainly an aesthetic problem since the presence of physical signs can cause embarrassment. However, it is also a health problem.

In addition to the health consequences of the appearance of the classic rashes, there is also the need to apply increasingly covering products. This dynamic, in turn, causes a vicious circle that only worsens the situation, both from an aesthetic and a health point of view. So if you suffer from intolerances and allergies, even in a mild form, do not underestimate the problem. As long as you are on time, take the necessary actions to avoid or at least limit the damage.

How to avoid the visible manifestations of allergies and intolerances

The first measure to be taken is also the most intuitive one: avoid contact with the substances that trigger allergies (or allergens) or that are responsible for the situation of intolerance. Obviously, you need to know which substances are responsible for your specific allergy and intolerance. In addition, you must also know the products, foods and accessories that contain them, so that you can avoid them. In most cases, it is very simple to avoid what can cause allergies or intolerances, in other cases it is tremendously difficult.

For example, if you suffer from nickel intolerance you need to know that this metal is present almost everywhere, in many foods, in many types of fabrics, in an incredibly high number of accessories. However, even from nickel intolerance, it is possible to defend yourself. Obviously, knowing where nickel is hiding is a necessary step. In these pages, you will find everything you need to inform yourself properly and find out how to avoid nickel without this affecting your lifestyle.

Skin care

Avoiding may not be enough. In some cases, it is simply impossible to keep away from the factors that trigger allergies and intolerances. This is where skincare products come into play. Products made specifically for ultra-sensitive skin, but also subject to the visible manifestations of allergies and intolerances.

Among these, the Toleriane Ultra Crema of La Roche Posay stands out. The product must be applied in the morning and in the evening, therefore it is configured as a real facial treatment for the day. Hydrates soothe and restore a perception of comfort. Above all, it helps to significantly reduce the manifestations of allergies and intolerances. Clinical studies have shown Ultra Cream's ability to reduce burning, itching and dehydration.

Note for nickel intolerance

Whether you are intolerant to food nickel, allergic to contact nickel or you have been diagnosed SNAS does not have a definitive cure and there is no way to eliminate this metal from a person's life. To alleviate the symptoms it is necessary to follow a low nickel rotating diet and observe all the rules relating to cosmetics, detergents, pots and pans, suitable clothing etc.


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