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The Introvert Lifestyle: Five Reasons Why Introverting is Awesome

Updated on January 30, 2012

Studies have shown that people with extraverted personalities are happier. I say that's a load of bollocks. First, that statistic suggests that extraverts somehow lead better lives. What's more, it suggests that, in order to be happy, introverts should lead extraverted lives.

My theory is this: extraverts are, on the whole, happier because they live in extravert-oriented societies (which is where these studies were conducted). Introverts are naturally less happy as they are forced to conform to a society not best suited for them. In short, introverts are unhappy because they are TRYING to be extraverts.

I say we introverts should stand up to the tyranny of extraverted society and fight for the right to be introverted. Being an introvert has manifold advantages. Heck, if everyone knew just how awesome introversion can be, the whole world would be introverting!

Well, a good step in the right direction always starts with education. Here are the five biggest advantages to living an introverted lifestyle.


1. Introverts Get Things Done

Guess what people do when they're not socializing. Any ideas?That's right! They're getting things done!

Introverts are excellent at getting work done. Unlike extraverts, they do not require collaboration to stay on task, and can therefore get things done more efficiently. Also, because they are less likely to spend time going out, socializing, attending parties, and the like, introverts are more likely to devote time to learning a new skill, completing a project, or indulging in a cool hobby. It is these types of side projects that can make a career- or even a legacy.

2. Introverts are Efficient

Aside from getting things done, introverts manage all sorts of tasks with great efficiency.

Why? When introverts do things, they often do them alone, and when one behaves unilaterally, one is not bogged down with the time consuming task of building consensus and getting approval on each and every little decision.

When an introvert wants to pick out an outfit, an introvert picks out an outfit. When an introvert decides what to watch on TV, an introvert picks something to watch. Extraverts can be just as efficient, but chances are they have fewer opportunity to exercise such efficiency as they spend so much more time with others.


3. Introverts are Healthier

As they do tend to spend a bit less time around others, introverts are also less likely to get sick. It is a simple matter of exposure.

Even when they are exposed to various viruses and diseases, introverts have an advantage when it comes to fighting such sicknesses off as they are less likely to be taxing their immune systems staying up late with buddies or going out with friends.


4. Introverts are Better at Internal Processing

A 1999 study on introversion vs. extraversion found that introverts have a higher flow of blood to their anterior thalamus and frontal lobes of their brains. Both areas are used for internal processing tasks, like problem solving and planning. This should help explain why introverts have been found to perform better in studies.

Extraverts, in turn, were found to have more blood flow in parts of their brains that are involved in emotional and sensory experience. Now, I don't know about you, but I would much rather be good at working out problems with my noggin than being emotional. :D

5. Introverts are More Independent

Because introverts to not depend on social activity to recharge their batteries, they are less dependent on others.

The freedom afforded by not requiring the constant company of others is incredibly powerful. It allows one to not only be more flexible and mobile, but to also have an easier time finding contentment.

BONUS: Great realtionships

Why not wrap up this list with a bonus point about socializing (yeah, extraverts thought they cornered the market on this one. WRONG!).

While introverts tend to have fewer total friends and are no as good at socializing with large groups, introverts are particularly good with one-on-one conversations and develop lasting, long term relationships. They say that quality beats out quantity, so it looks like introverts win on the social front as well.

What is your favorite thing about living an introverted lifestyle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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