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Intuition: the Voice of Yourself Singing

Updated on March 1, 2013

Built-in Human Navigation

Intuition is a navigation system built into every human, though for some it may seem far away. Guiding from a perspective of the whole, intuition leads to deeper understanding, protection and natural growth.

Logic, reasoning and caution all have their place in the many facets of our existence. Intuition activates the creative genius, the innate ability to problem solve beyond the perception of the localized and limited rational human mind. It is like a switch that turns the dimmed light up in a darkened room. Step by step, intuition guides us out of the stale waters of any life experience, forward to untouched territory on our path.

The Messenger

As a messenger of super-consciousness and the soul, intuition is a voice of our greater Self that awakens us to our ultimate and innate potential.

One morning the writer stirred from his sleep joyfully and refreshed, with the words still echoing from a dream in the night, "I am Yourself Singing."

Intuition is the singing voice that always knows the original lyrics pulsing from the center of existence. People often are misled by the voice of the intellect that operates from memory, where truth becomes categorized and conceptualized through the filter of the persona.

Instinct, the gut feeling, is like a relative of the intuitive voice. Instinct is the autopilot embedded into our subconscious that keeps the body graceful and free of disease. This is only true when the instinct is not repressed or split off by an over-emphasized and self-important intellect.

Through instinct our body knows how to move naturally to the cycles that regulate it. When the instinct is untamed in its natural flow we dance with the whole of existence. How refreshing for example, to witness spontaneous curiosity in a young child.

Intuition is essentially the infallible voice that navigates us away from our confused minds. Through the actual fact of knowing, intuition leads us over various methods into the initiation, the experience that changes our intellectual knowledge into an aha moment or realization. Our accumulated dogmatic concepts transform into intelligence. With the illuminating light of intelligence or super-consciousness, the source of all confusion evaporates.

by Emanate Presence
by Emanate Presence

Conversations with Intuition

Intuition communicates in many different ways such as:

  • attention drawn to signs in our surroundings
  • heightened scenes or details that were before not obvious
  • people who appear like a messenger
  • a voice speaking in our inner perception
  • non-imaginary pictures in our mind's eye
  • or a deep sense of knowing

Intuition is the fresh breeze of life constantly available. It is the inspiring flow of energy that directs us into a course of action we hadn't thought of. When intuition takes the lead we become the witness observing ourselves while being on the task. Intellect and emotions tone down to their original means. In our experience intuition always initiates a successful and expanding outcome. Intuition leads also to the fulfillment of the passionate desire that dwells in the human soul. Following that lead feels right in the heart.

Intuition is beyond mental perception and normal sensory processes and will not stir up the emotions, rather it calms them. It comes in the moment with a heightened feeling. When intuition is the guide of our action, the task goes effortlessly and at ease.

What Hinders Intuition?

Intuition is generally overpowered by repressive loud voices of opinion, reactive behavior, overemphasis on reasoning and noisy emotional input.

We will also get faulty information if we mix our intuitive inquiry with beliefs, already invested outcomes, low self worth and fear in the form of doubt.

A good clue that we have gone off track, or at least an indication to step back and have another look at what we are doing, is when things become complicated or hindered. Receiving intuitive input is one part, interpreting and acting on it is another.

A recent conversation went like this:

"What brought you to this area?"
"I was Called here."
"Oh, I have never been Called."
"Maybe you have, but the line was always busy.

It's the Little Steps that Expand the Experience

As we start with little steps to reconnect to our innermost nature and take our self-importance out of the way, the universe supports that trust with an answer of ultimate truth. Having an intriguing life is our birthright as we are truly divine masterpieces.

The challenge is in our return to the art of life that brings forth the original painting beneath the color of facade.

"A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants."- Lao Tzu

Step by step we, Kati and Gary R. Smith, were both led by the intuitive voice to transform the color coats that weren't ours. When we reclaimed the will of our origin, intuition led us to circumstances where we could free inner suppression through acceptance and letting go. When the burden of guilt, shame, blame and anger is released onto the path of realization, the truth of what we truly are reveals itself through peace, love, bliss and passion.

We acknowledge Jonathan Yun for his intelligent questions which sparked us to write this article.


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