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Inversion Tables-Simple Home Remedies

Updated on January 14, 2012
Inversion Table Therapy
Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion Therapy

Do inversion tables really work? For many people yes. For me it certainly did. Lower back pain in middle age can be painful, debilitating and can zap your energy and willpower. There are many frightening medical terms for various types of back ailments. Terms like spinal stenosis, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and bulging disc to name just a few. Likewise there are just as many frightening "suggested" treatments. Treatments such as traction, spinal decompression and of course various surgical solutions as well.

I would like to discuss a very specific type of lower back pain - morning back pain. The kind of back pain that is most acute in the morning when we first wake up and attempt to get out of bed. This is the kind of back pain I suffered from for years. Little by little, day by day, year by year the pain slowly increased until one day I could barely get out of bed. I had to very slowly roll onto my stomach, place my knees on the floor and very carefully stand up.

One thing puzzled me. I worked in an office environment and did no heavy lifting or activity that was harmful to my back. Also, if this back pain I was experiencing was due to the onslaught of age and the effects of gravity over my lifetime, then why was the pain most acute in the morning? All things considering, you would think the pain would be most acute at night just before going to bed - after a full day of being active and on my feet most of the day. But no, it was most painful in the morning after first waking up. In fact, as they day wore on and I became more active the pain diminished. Something just didn't add up.

I at first explored my options with spinal decompression. Like many people I saw the ads on TV and wondered if this is just what I needed. I found out this treatment could easily cost up to a thousand dollars a month and it was not covered by my medical insurance. I could not afford this so I had to find something else. Then I heard that inversion tables can produce a similar effect. I quickly went out and purchased the cheapest one I could find for about $100. After all I wasn't sure this would work so I did not want to spend a lot of money on an expensive one.

Hanging Upside Down

I have to tell you, hanging upside down is not a comfortable thing to do. The blood in your body rushes to your head and the backside of your ankles can get very sore from all the weight your feet and ankles are holding. In fact I had to put some extra foam cushioning on the backside of my ankles for extra comfort. At first I could only hang upside down for a few minutes and even then I did not hang completely upside down, just at a slight angle.

When you first start out using an inversion table you have to start out gradually, short periods of time and at slight angles. At first I thought I would never be able to hang completely upside down for any appreciable amount of time. Slowly, day by day, the amount of time I spent upside down and the angle at which I was hanging increased until eventually I could hang completely upside down for up to 30 minutes. So your body can grow accustomed to this treatment in time.

But, because of this breaking in period, you do not benefit from an inversion table quickly. In my case it took a couple of weeks with daily treatments until I finally started to feel an improvement. But the cause was still there. What caused this morning back pain?

Finding The Cause Of My Back Pain

A careful inspection of my bed revealed to me that it was slightly concave, like a very shallow bowl. I am also one of those people who tend to sleep on their stomach and sides more than on my back. Imagine what that must have been doing to my spine all those years. Could the cause of my back pain have been my bed all these years? I decided to replace my bed, but what kind should I get. There are so many types of beds these days and all claiming to be superior sleep systems. I finally decided to try a memory foam bed but the prices were too much for me. I could not afford to spend thousands of dollars on a high end memory foam bed just to see if maybe it would help me.

With a little investigation I learned I could take advantage of wholesale memory foam and make my own memory foam bed for a fraction of the cost. I did just that. These days I no longer need to use the inversion table and I no longer wake up with morning back pain. Hallelujah! This whole experience was so troubling to me and the solution so simple I decided to document exactly how I made my memory foam bed for several hundred dollars instead of buying one for thousands of dollars.

Want to reduce your morning back pain? Visit my site on how to make a memory foam bed. I have included complete free instructions along with pictures and resources plus detailed plans on how to make the platfrom bed frame.


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