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Irony of Life: Change

Updated on November 22, 2019
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My road to a better me. It was a tough journey. Tougher than any that I have ever been through. I know it isn't over yet.

My hub "Men and the Empathic Woman"

When I wrote this particular hub I was in the need to make some changes. There are lots of people on the internet that will try to take advantage of people. After one guy tried to say all the words a woman likes to hear. He asked me for $4500. His excuse was, "my son, Jeffrey, is in the hospital, and I cannot get to him in time since I am on an oil rig in Ireland." He said, "I have my reasons for asking you." I said, 'Good, than you will understand that I have my reasons for not giving you this money." I have since blocked him from any communication. (Selena Gomez is right; "Lose you to Love Me".)

Yes. I have learned the word, no, again. I have said it before to a former family member in 1993. I was punished for doing so. Believe me....It has been 6 1/2 years of a punishment. However, I have proven that I can live. Learning more about my ancestry has pushed me through.

Family Genealogy Hubs

I am a member of many Genealogy Facebook Groups. In this, I found a list of Mic Mac Native American Family names. I found the connection to them in my family. I feel amazed at where I come from. It is said that the Mic Mac tribe were the ones that encountered the "white man" first. Three Mic Mac tribe members were taken to England with the "white man."

Also, finding out that there is also a connection to the Osage Tribe, who's totem animal is the spider. (This is very humorous to me, but maybe I will share another time.) There were Osage women that married into my family tree. They helped their husbands run a Trading Post along the La Charrette River in Missouri.

Also, finding out that through my paternal grandfather, my family descends from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Grover Cleveland. (Always wondered why my paternal grandfather reminded me of Abraham Lincoln.)

However, I wonder how they feel about their family connection to Native Americans? George Washington put in his will to set his slaves free after his or wife Martha's death. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

It just shows me what kind of person I have always tried to be.

Which now leads to my travels.


I took my family to the La Charrette French and Indian Trading Post after finding it myself. When I took my family there, my father said, "how the heck did you find this place?" (MapQuest is amazing.) It looks like private property. The road is not marked well. However, it was such a delight to hear the historian talk about the life on La Charette River, which is today's Marthasville. I have always been interested in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Especially knowing that Sacagawea was involved with a French Canadian named Charbonneau. The Lewis and Clark expedition stopped at La Charrette on their way west and on their way back. They found that the people there were friendly; which is why they enjoyed their hospitality not once, but twice during their journey.

Then, early summer 2019, I went to Keystone, South Dakota - Mount Rushmore. (George Washington and Abraham Lincoln) There were actually many references to Abraham Lincoln throughout the town. There are a few streets named after miners. There was one named after my maiden name. In one of the gift shops that I went into, there was someone who was part of the Keystone Historical Society. Unfortunately, it is unknown where the name of this street came from?

I did find that one of the miners were from the St Louis area. Maybe he knew someone from the area with which the name of the street came from ?

During this same trip, I went to see Crazy Horse. The chiseled art of the Indian pointing and riding his horse. (Which isn't finished.)

Finding the Native American connection AND my maiden name as a street name; in Keystone, South Dakota....It still causes so many unanswered questions.

Cahokia Mounds; Collinsville Illinois - This is said to be a Native American burial ground. The entrance to the Museum is so much like the entrance to the Museum at Crazy Horse. Is that really a coincidence?

Either case, this has led me to believe that the family connection is to the Woodland and Plains Indians.

What a beautiful journey this has been thus far.

I also found out that there is a Mic Mac Cemetery in Maine. Apparently, this cemetery was used for the filming of the original Pet Cemetery. My next journey - a cruise to Nova Scotia.


The privilege of going through this journey and the psychology of personality that I talk about in my Four Lenses hub has led me in understanding myself much better. It is a beautiful thing. Despite the people that were lost during this journey; I acquired so much more.

Women were a huge part of this country from the very beginning. (There is a DNA Project Group called "Mothers of Acadia.") Many Native American tribes are matriarchic. I wonder if the "white man" did not like the way they lived for that reason?

And my journey continues.....

Side note: Many Americans had an issue with Ryan Gosling playing Armstrong in First Man because Gosling is Canadian and not American? Well, my father is a male haplogroup carrier of the famous family tree that connects Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber. (My father's paternal haplogroup points to connection with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Grover Cleveland) Which connects to the first president of the United States' very own George Washington. Perfect choice to play First Man indeed.

America 0 North America 1

Find ways to connect us, not divide us.


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