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Top 5 Home Remedies of Irregular Period

Updated on September 13, 2017
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I'm married and housewife. Presently residing in the Philippines. I love to read and surfing the net.

In woman reproductive years,having menstruation monthly, quarterly or even once a year is a sign that your reproductive organs are being busy in doing her job.

But,many women find this as an added difficulty in everyday life.Why? Because some women out there are struggling tough to combat the pain that come along with menstruation.Stabbing pain from waist down to legs,painful cramps, headache,chills,and sometimes fever! I believe ,those are some factors that we almost can't endure each time our period comes and these makes us sick!

According to one of my ob gynecology, regular menstruation ranges from 21days up to 35 days from your current menstruation up to your next menstruation.Everything that goes onto that days are still considered regular menstruation.Well,how about Irregular menstruation then?

Irregular menstruation said to be irregular or not usual,when your menstruation comes before the said 21 days or later than that 35 days. Some women considered regular even if they have their period quarterly or once a year, they're are particularly special cases.On the other hand, menstruation occurred during in-between cycle is not usual, especially if it's continuingly occuring every month.So if your period suddenly changes from your average length and flow, it's a sign that your period is irregular.

Symptoms of Irregular Menstruation

•Painful Cramps

•Abnormal duration of bleeding

•Blood clots

•Breast Tenderness

•Fluid retention or Bloated


•Early or Late periods

•Missed periods

Though,these symptoms maybe natural at sometimes,it is best if you'll go to see your doctor for evaluation when in doubt.

Some Causes of Irregular Menstruation

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hypothyroidism are two common causes of irregular periods in women, other than that,here are some causes of Irregular Menstruation:

*Overweight- some obese women or overweight have more tendency in having irregular periods, thus,a healthy diet should be applied to avoid this happening.

*Stress-this is very common to all people,but we should think positively,so that our minds and body achieve good health.

Genetic-it may or not,but sometimes,it runs in the family,so make sure to have a healthy lifestyle to avoid irregular Menstruation.

Cyst/Fibroids-these are some factors affecting the cycle of a women reproductive health,it may vary to every women and sometimes it doesn't affect at all in their everyday lives,but to be sure,go see an ob gynecology.

Some of our lifestyle also could contribute on our irregular periods such as increased exercise, smoking, alcohol abuse, caffeine, travel and certain medications and birth control pills.

Top 5 Remedies You Can Try At Home

  • Ginger-this powerful substance is highly beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles and also relieving menstrual pain.You can make some tea out of it or just put on any delicacies that you love.Boil ½ tsp of freshly grounded ginger in one cup of water for 5-10 minutes, add a little sugar or honey to enhance the taste. Drink three times a day after every meal for around one month
  • Turmeric is considered to be one of the best medicated herbs because of its warm effect to the body.It regulates menstruation and balancing hormones. It has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve menstrual pain. Consume one-quarter teaspoon of turmeric with milk or honey. Take it daily for several weeks or until you see improvement.
  • Cinnamon. Cinnamon is considered useful for regulating menstrual cycles and reducing menstrual cramps. ...
  • Sesame Seeds -when mixed with cumin seeds and honey are thought to be a great home remedy for irregular menstruation
  • Aloe Vera-it use to regulate periods a by balancing your hormones.You will to extract the aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf, then mix in one teaspoon of honey and consume it daily before having your breakfast.

I had Irregular Menstruation Too!

I can relate so much with irregular periods.At first,I don't have anything to asked about my period,it went well during my single years until I got married.Though, I have painful cramps every month,I never thought that there comes a time that I experience this kind of menstruation.

To make my story short,it was the time when I stopped my contraceptive pills. I encountered irregular periods,very painful cramps to the extent of taking over the counter pain reliever to ease the pain.I have period in-between cycles,not only months but for 5 consecutive years!

Brown spotting, sometimes heavy, sometimes not,but it occurs over and over.I decided to go to ob gynecology, that's the time I found out I have a cyst in my left ovary.

Sounds scary,huh? Well, it's natural,I am so frightened at that time,but I make necessary changes and step forward,I been on operation and went well.So guys,if you think that something in you is not good,take step and move! It's your health, it's your life!

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