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Is Depression an Allergic Reaction?

Updated on March 4, 2015

When the body has an allergic reaction the immune system goes into action and various inflammations occur triggered by proteins called cytokines. Similarly, when a person is depressed there is an increased number of inflammations and cytokines. In addition, people suffering with autoimmune disorders also have an increased chance of depression.

There are various opinions. Some believe that this inflammation is caused by an allergic reaction, some think it is due to unhealthy diets and some think that it is due to some sort of an infection.

Some research has been done on treating patients with depression with anti-inflammatories as well as anti-depressants and the indications are that it is more effective than taking anti-depressants alone. However larger scale research is needed to confirm this.

There is also indications that omega 3 fatty acids and curcumin can have a similar positive effect on the body.

What is also important, is for the general public to realise that depression is a physical problem, not just a mental problem and it is certainly not a sign of mental weakness.

Could Depression Actually be Nothing More Than an Allergic Reaction?

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Prevent Some Forms of Depression


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