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Is Lasik Eye Surgery Right for Me?

Updated on November 22, 2010

Lasik Eye Surgery and Eye Glasses

Lasik eye surgery can definitely improve the vision without the need for contact lenses or eyeglasses but like any other surgery there are risks that may include infections, a development of dry eyes and possible inflammation. A friend of mine has always worn eyeglasses since grade school and just plain tired of replacing pair after pair she decided to just go ahead with the surgery which worked wonders for her, but my grandmothers Lasik eye surgery didn’t get the same results. My grandmother has diabetes and the effects of the medication ,blood pressure pills, water pills ,insulin and others she’d been taking caused her eye problems in the beginning whereas she had to actually use a magnifier glass to see even the bigger size words. After the surgery she was expected to give the effects some time to kick in but she feels that the Lasik surgery did further damage than good. Everyone should expect different results depending upon may things and the most important being the doctor performing your surgery.

Some people are not good candidates for Lasik eye surgery much like my grandmother and this could result from any medical issues or medications the patients are currently taking. Finding a great Lasik eye surgery doctor is something that should be done carefully with plenty of research put into it such as previous patient results. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, knowing the history of the doctor’s patient success rate could give you a sense of comfort before the actual surgery. Finding an excellent Doctor should be like finding a boyfriend or girlfriend to start a serious relationship with maybe one day resulting in marriage, that is something that shouldn’t be rushed, references are always helpful, finding out about previous relationships is basically the same as what previous patients had to say about their experience with a doctor. You see how this works? You have to be able to trust your doctor wholeheartedly when placing your body and your life in his or her hands.

I had to wear glasses as well during childhood but it got to the point where I just stopped wearing them. My eyes would cross up when I was a child and I was constantly made fun of they called me Coke Bottle Eye’s, yeah I dint get that either. When I stopped wearing my glasses my eyes straightened up and I never had a problem with them since then until now. I am not sure what’s causing this but I tend to see a blur from time to time especially when watching TV or sitting in front of the computer, I used to think it was my eyes way of telling me they’re tired when in fact they could be telling me that I made a huge mistake by not wearing my glasses at that point in my life now its catching up to me. I have a appointment to have this checked out and if I am told that I need to wear glasses I may just go for the Lasik eye surgery instead, with glasses I’d keep having to replace them constantly so I’d rather save myself the trouble as right now I can’t even keep up with my sunglasses or keys.

On October 16 dissatisfied patients complaints prompted US regulators to begin a study on the Lasik Eye Surgery affect and track complications, during this time at least seventeen Lasik Centers had inadequate reporting systems. With over twelve million excellent results from people who have had Lasik surgery and around five percent who were not happy with results I would say this is again and do at your own risk as I am sure you are explained from the start that the treatment may not be a total success. The most frequent complications really are infections, the blurs may clear up as quickly as they started so with the high success rate why not give it a try but only if you’re a good candidate and to find our you would need to visit a Lasik Eye Surgery clinic or do your own research depending on your health conditions.


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