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Is Reiki Safe for Cancer Patients?

Updated on February 26, 2014

Is Reiki Safe for cancer Patients?

Is Reiki Safe for cancer Patients? In this age of new medicine and scientific discoveries many people are counting on medical researches to uplift their conditions specially for more malignant sickness like cancer . However in the recent years many people are also seeking to complement their medical cancer treatment with natural or alternative methods of healing. In the recent years the use of alternative medicine is increasing and this is a topic of controversy among many people specially in the Western world. Some would say it is not effective while majority are a living testimony to the benefits of alternative healing technique. It has been proven that Reiki is effective as a complementary healing to heal cancer patients, it is not a cure to cancer but rather it helps the patient to heal the pain and relax more after session. Many people are resorting to Reiki as a form of holistic healing for mind, body and soul relaxation.

The topic of this hub is to discuss abut how Reiki helps cancer patients and to discuss whether Reiki safe for cancer patient? At the onset I will say that it is a reliable technique when it is avail through a trained practitioner with the approval of medical doctors who are in charged of the health if the patient. So come on now let us discover Reiki and its benefits on cancer patients, and then we can attest to the fact that it is safe for cancer patients.

reiki massage
reiki massage

What is Cancer

Cancer is also called malignant disease in which groups of cells grow in an unprecedented manner in an abnormal way, and it is said to be intrusive and it destroys adjacent cells and sometimes it metastasized and spread in other locations via lymph node. Most cancers form a tumor but some, like leukemia, do not. The branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer is oncology.

Cancer affects people at all ages with the risk for most types increasing with age and it caused about 13% of deaths in humans. In the western world, it is among the top five causes of death.

Reiki Principles
Reiki Principles

What is Reiki?

  • Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and it is proven to be safe and effective among cancer patients. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and to become healthy.
  • "Through the use of this technique, sometimes refereed to as "tenohira" (meaning "the palm" in Japanese), practitioners believe that they are transferring "healing energy" in the form of qi (or ki in Japanese) through the palms."
  • It was first noted that Reiki was developed in Japan in 1922 by Usui, a Japanese Buddhist who popularized it and has been a practice in the Western world ever since it was introduced here in the Western world.
  • The Reiki method of healing works with five basic principles.

Reiki for Cancer Treatment

  • Reiki as a complementary medicine for treating cancer patients is said to be a practice and many hospitals and medical practitioners are recommending it for their patients. it is important to note that it cant cure cancer but ti can ease the pain and relax the patient after the Riki treatment.
  • During a cancer bout usually patients are feeling depressed and their mood changes because of chemotherapy and the difficult phase sin life they are undergoing. Reiki is a system of healing which helps patient to overcome this fear and depression, It gives them a sense of relief for pain and enlighten¬† their moods to have positive outlook in their life, That is best for cancer patient as they see a reason to be able to transcend healing.

Reminders for cancer patients who avail of Reiki Services

  1. Since Reiki is just a complementary healing technique it is best that the patient know about this so that he/she will be informed
  2. Ask the advice of your medical doctor before availing the Reiki services
  3. It is good to be reminded that Reiki is availed through a trained practitioner
  4. The best thing to do is be an informed patient always
  5. It helps if you also eat the required diet and change a lifestyle suited for you when you have a cancer
  6. Exercise on a regular basis as advised by your doctor if you have a cancer, but if you dont have a cancer you can exercise on a regular basis
  7. Be positive always and remember the power of healing combined with medical practice is the best option for you
  8. The family of the patient should also be helpful so as to assist the patient in availing of the best ways to supplement the treatment for cancer


The benefits of Reiki as a complementary technique in healing of cancer patient is a good one as long as you are informed and when you avail of the service, your medical doctor should be consulted. There are trained practitioners to help you avail of it. Availing of the services should be done in a guided manner by a well tarined practitioner. Reiki brings back life and it is effective but there is nothing like a nice and healthy lifestyle and exercise for a healthy you.



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    • cureremedies profile image

      cureremedies 7 years ago from US

      I would like to add that if someone with cancer decides to try Reiki, please make sure that person goes to a qualified Reiki practitioner that has experience in working with cancer patients.

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US

      Tnank you a2z50, I appreciate you leaving comment,

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US

      hi prasetio, thnaks for your comments, Ia m glad you are a reiki prcatitioner, Thanks for commenting

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      I think it depend ourselves. As a patient we have to know that if we are sick we must believe that God will heal us. And we have keep it in our mind during the treatment. There are difference result between two person after healing process. Sometimes we can cry, laugh and we felt the warm energy during the Reiki treatment.

      As a Reiki practitioners I can't guarantee that it can healing the disease, but patient have to believe that they will recover soon. Thanks

    • a2z50 profile image

      a2z50 7 years ago

      Very good content! Seems like cancer touches almost everyone's family . We need to come up with better treatments.

      Thank you!

      As Always Also Rprcarz50 Keep on Hubbing