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Is This Normal Sadness or Depression?

Updated on April 14, 2013

Depression Needs no Logic

Most of us experience some form of depression from time to time. We may not know it is depression. We may confuse depression with everyday sadness, but there really is a big difference. Everyday sadness has some sort of logical reason, however depression needs no logic. Depression needs only an unexplained feeling.

Causes for depression can be simple or much more complicated. Researchers have suggested a genetic link to be involved although they have yet to find the gene responsible. Perhaps a look at our family roots can help us understand if we should pay a close attention to matters concerning depression. Genetics play only a small part of things to trigger depression. Certain medications as well as chronic illnesses can trigger an all time low. Everyone human has from time to time had normal moments of down feelings. We grieve losses. We cry when things upset us. We learn to accept things we cannot change and go on to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. When we can’t accept it and we can’t cope with these changes, our lives can spiral out of control. We distance ourselves from everything and everyone we love. We cry for no explained reason and we are unable to perform normal everyday task. It can be overwhelming. It can cause havoc to an otherwise happy life.

A Banana everyday can fight off depression.
A Banana everyday can fight off depression. | Source

Simple Remedies Like Diet and Excerise Help

Simple remedies can keep depression from wrecking our lives. A cup of warm tea made from rose petals, licorice root, or chamomile has been known to cheer up a sad spell. A recommended daily apple ate with a cup of milk and honey is another home remedy for the blues.

Bananas contain an amino acid which converts serotonin to its rightful levels. The right diet will fight off depression. Complex carbohydrates are essential to good mental health. Whole wheat bread, pasta and sweet potatoes are a good example of complex carbohydrates. If we eat right and stay busy depression will stay away.

It is very easy to be caught off guard at any moment with deep feelings of sadness. We wouldn’t be normal if we never experienced them. A good cry is healthy for an occasional cure when circumstances beyond our control leave us less than happy. Forever dealing with this event, however, needs attention only a professional can help you with. Ask the question. Is this normal sadness? Chances are you are the victim of a worthy reason to cry, but what if it is not normal sadness?

Bad jobs, bad relationships, less than desirable living conditions and bothersome neighbors are worthy of a change. Sadness in these environments is more than admiral. Do something about it before it ruins your life. Depression thrives on such notions and it doesn’t have to be a factor. We have the power to fight off many things which eventually cause depression. Keeping a busy body and a busy mind can ward off thoughts leading to depression. Diet and exercise could be the answer to yet another problem.


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