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Is Tonsillitis Contagious

Updated on March 14, 2010

Two masses of lymphatic tissues are present on the other side of the oral pharynx which is known as tonsils. Sometimes, there are even certain viruses or bacteria that can cause infections in the tonsils that leads to the medical condition known as tonsillitis. The tonsillitis can be defined as the inflammation of the tonsils due to the viral or bacterial infection. This condition is one of the common in the world and is mostly found children and infants. Lest discuss the condition in detail.

Causes of tonsillitis- Tonsillitis cannot be life threatening or cannot be considered as a serious medical condition. It is treated quickly as it causes pain in the throat and also faces difficulty in swallowing. Bacteria and virus causes tonsillitis and there are even some numerous possibilities. Streptococcus group A is prominent tonsillitis that causes bacteria. This considers being the bacteria that causes the step throat. On the contrary, Espetin Barr is a group of virus causing mononucleosis that also causes tonsillitis inn people.

The symptoms for tonsillitis can be in the form of pain in the throat. There can also be inflammation in the throat that leads to reddening and swelling of the throat. The inflammation is also causes with the difficulty in swallowing the food and water that can also be painful. In some cases, the swollen tonsils can also be felt in necks or under the jaw area. There are even other symptoms of the tonsillitis that includes headache, earache, stomachache, change in the voice and high temperature. All infants and children find it difficult to swallow the food while suffering from the nostrils and end up in drooling. There can also be irritability, pain and crying, and even other symptoms can also be seen in tonsillitis among children.

There were some queries that whether the tonsillitis is a contagious or not and there is an answer to this. There can be kind of the different types of tonsillitis, that can be viral or bacterial and they are highly contagious. It can be transmitted from an infected person to healthy one, when the latter comes in contact with the nasal fluid of the infected person. The disease can be spread from an infected person with coughs and sneezes near the healthy person or he breathes the same polluted air. Similar things can happen, the sharing of the plates, glasses and also other articles that will help to spread the disease. On the contrary, the answer for the question “is tonsillitis contagious” can be positive. At any stage the tonsillitis can be contagious in any stages.

For the treatment of tonsillitis depends on the causes of the disease. If after observing the symptoms, you should consult a doctor and person should undertake steps for diagnosing the condition. If tonsillitis are caused by bacteria then proper antibiotics dosages should be taken. On the other hand, there are some cases of viral tonsillitis that gets subsided without any treatment. Sometimes, the tonsillitis can take at least two weeks of time to get properly cured. With advancement of the treatment and medication, there are rare cases where tonsils can get removed completely.


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