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Is Your Belly Growing "Blobs?"

Updated on January 10, 2010

Is your belly growing "mini-blobs?" In Japan, new ideas are big and huge but bad ideas from eastern Asia can be the funniest thing you ever heard. Obesity in Japan is revered as being fat and lazy and Japanese people trying out this new weight-loss program will make you look at them in a totally new way! Okay the last thing you need to see is a weight-loss belt that looks like one-hundred blobs just formed around your stomach in a rather bizarre but fashionable way! The contraption does look fashionable and comfortable to wear around your tummy. Whoever invented this weight-loss program, I don’t think it was Jenny Craig, should call it the “100 Blob Belt” because that’s what it looks like when you’re wearing it. Or call it the “Many Mini Blobs Belt,” a belt that will convert your tummy into many miniature blobs. "Look Ma, I got blobs!"

When you got your belt on and feel fashionable, show it off to your friends but do it when you’re out and about with them. Go have coffee at Starbucks and when you’re upfront ordering or standing in line talking to your friends, lift up your shirt! Show your blobs to the cashier and friends! They’ll be wondering what on earth do you have strapped around your stomach and then you can tell them all about it!

This new weight-loss belt supposedly works by causing an increase in blood flow to your belly blobs which causes heat to build up and ultimately all that heat build-up is what will burn all your multiple mini blobs away. So try on this belt today and burn all your fat away! Or better yet, just start exercising daily and eat healthier by staying away from greasy, fried foods. That means no fast-food too! No McDonalds, no Burger King, no Jack-In-The-Box, Taco Bell, Kentucky Friend Chicken, nada! Eating more vegetables and fruit will prevent these boobs and blobs from growing on your stomach. Drinking lots of water everyday will also keep the blobs off!

Boob Belt
Boob Belt


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    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 8 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      great informative hub. thumbs up