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Is Your Brain As Fit As Your Body?

Updated on January 24, 2010

While we beseech God for endowing us with excellent health, we should also remember that we need to focus on fitness of the brain also. Scientific studies have revealed that if you constantly work towards solving newer challenges using this wonderful organ called brain, you can keep it fit for ever.

There are a few games that are available that pose challenges to your brain. These games are not only funny but increase in helping your memory. They also improve the speed of your brain.

If you practice meditation, you can relax your mind to a great extent so that it gets rejuvenated and becomes fit. There are certain varieties of healthy food that give you a healthy and fit brain. It is always better to avoid saturated fats and transfats.

You should give more exercises to your brain by learning a new language, imagining stories, doing complicated mathematical problems or indulging in some creative writing like poetry, etc.

The greatest enemy to brain fitness is watching television. Your creative abilities are almost certainly killed by this habit. You can use this time for doing some physical work-outs. It has been proved beyond doubt that if you are physically fit, your energy levels and brain functioning improve phenomenally.

Another way to keep your brain fit is to study a new subject. You may consider that a particular subject is boring and dry but your assessment may be wrong. If you delve deep into the subject, you may be surprised to see several interesting elements in the topic.

Learning new skills like cooking, gardening or forex or anything new is a good exercise for keeping your brain fit. If you make interesting changes to your routines, you will not only enjoy them but they will be very good for having a fit and sound brain also.


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