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How Afterlife Can Be Achieved Through Mindfulness and Eliminate the Cycle of Re-Incarnation

Updated on March 28, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

We Are All Miracles and Enlightenment is Necessary to Fully Comprehend This Fact

In Eastern traditions, the world of illusion is called Maya. In the bible, Christ declared that "he was of the world but not of it" which is his way of explaining the same thing. Our reality and everything we see around us is a void and is the same nothingness is where all material things sprout from. This ability for a void to produce material objects remains a mystery to this day and in my opinion, will continue to be as such due to us merely being a creation of God made in his image and are playing part in his engineering of what needs to be done for reality to exist for us all. When we come to an understanding that the miracle of something to be created from nothing to create something is related to the fact that we exist where the odds of us being conceived is zero we can create a foundation to build upon.

We and everything in existence is a miracle or to be more exact magic. What we see all around is not but rather empty space appearing three dimensional. One theory is that we are living in a simulated reality which is one that would be more truthful due to our ability to create a digital life outside of our everyday lives. We are more related to mysticism than objectivity because in our modern age we still cannot explain who we truly are and find an answer that we are all in total agreeance. The world we dwell in is empty space in which the eyes we possess processes and gives us the perception of three-dimensional objects. What we are experiencing is not the real reality we are perceiving. The eyes and mind work together to formulate an object which in essence is empty space. In this dimension, the things we look at are in flux. Fluctuating from the present to another dimension that we have not been able to explain in our modern times.

Science Proves That We Live in an Illusion and are Part of a Simulated Reality

The Difference Between Enlightened Beings and Those Who Wander in Darkness

We are all born to choose our life's direction by our choices. Perhaps these choices are simply finding the path to free ourselves from being reincarnated to live another life that repeats itself until they achieve self-realization. When we do we will then recognize the reality we live in as illusionary mostly fiction. Your spirit patiently awaits for the day you wake up to who they really are. In Buddhism, it is called Samsara and the cycle only ends when an individual lives a life where enlightenment occurs and desires cease to control their lives. The illusion of the world becomes clear and self-realization then becomes the path out of the cycle of birth and rebirth.

When you arrive at this enlightenment it will become quite apparent to you and those who cross your path. Self-referral people are the types as Chopra says "will draw your attention in a room." You speak from a center and what you say is felt and respected. Solutions come easier and there is less panic or anxiety. Once the element of competition is irradicated and you then become the ideal of yourself Chopra declares in one of his books "that you have captured the world." This feeling of connectedness to everything around us is in my opinion what the experience of living in heaven is also a reality that can be experienced in the here and now which is implicitly stated where Christ teaches "let it be here on earth as it is in heaven."

Enlightenment Expert Explains Reincarnation

God-consciousness is the Highest Level of Enlightenment and is Where the Cycle of Re-incarnation Ends

The path to spiritual freedom can take on many levels of progression and does take discipline and time to find your truth. For myself it took 18 years, however, it is only when we get to this alignment of the wisdom traditions (teachings and belief), inner-dialogue (mind), and your spirit (edifying it by feeding it faith food or positive messages every day) become balanced. This event is what I call alignment of body, mind, and God. It becomes your reference point and spiritual center. Once it occurs you can never go back to leading a life of blind ignorance which goes hand in hand with the works of the flesh. Christ said this over and over in the scriptures when he declared that "the Father and I are one."

This spiritual awakening transcends us to the level of God-consciousness and is always changing according to our level of belief. This is the only way out of the cycle of death and rebirth and is when we are finally permitted an out of this plane of existence and return to the light. We are born with everything we need to accomplish this task and the only thing that prevents most people from smashing the illusion of the matrix is the discipline to achieve self-realization through self-mastery. Feed yourself the right information and consciousness will change. You will escape this false reality and instead live a life of faith and belief. With the practice of going within to fine-tune your own source which is your essence will allow you as Christ said "abide in him, and as he is in you."

All Paths Lead Inward

When You Come to Know Who You Are Than You Will be Known

In closing, I will impart the wisdom of the Sufi poet which to many is a source of self-knowledge that modern times and the age of technology simply cannot replicate or duplicate. He was a master at his craft of creating a path in our lives to create a better life and remind us that anything we dream we can achieve. Where science and technology are on the throne and hold no authority in the universes plan to reunite with you eventually one day. I quote him here to implore you to step into your anointing.

Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.

I died to the mineral state and became a plant,

I died to the vegetable state and reached animality,

I died to the animal state and became a man,

Then what should I fear? I have never become less from dying.

At the next charge (forward) I will die to human nature,

So that I may lift up (my) head and wings (and soar) among the angels,

And I must (also) jump from the river of (the state of) the angel,

Everything perishes except His Face,

Once again I will become sacrificed from (the state of) the angel,

I will become that which cannot come into the imagination,

Then I will become non-existent; non-existence says to me (in tones) like an organ: “Truly, to Him is our return.” - Rumi


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