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Is there really a fountain of youth?

Updated on October 17, 2011

A news item about an amazing spring found in an Island purchased recently in the Bahamas by magician David Copperfield spurred talks about it being the fabled Fountain of Youth mentioned in the writings of Ponce De Leon, a fellow co-explorer friend of Columbus.

David Copperfield claimed that the water fulfilled every possible attribute of the famous Fountain of Youth which, according to De Leon's writings, was located anywhere from what is now Florida to the Bahamas.

Special waters that are in appearance and taste just like water, but carry extraordinary healing and rejuvenating qualities, have been talked about since time immemorial. "Aab-e-hayaat,' the 'Water of Life,' is mentioned in many ancient Middle Eastern stories .The Quranic prophet Khidr, who will live on the earth to the end of time, is supposed to have taken this water.

The European mystery man St. Germain supposedly investigated and found the water of life (or perhaps an elixir) and supposedly lives today being several hundred years old.

Water Treatment

In recent time, Victor Shauberger's research into living water sparked interest in water as a source for healing and awakened a new interest in energizing water and studying the attributes 'of living water,' or water that was alive in the way it affected the human body. He especially studied the movement of water. He concluded that the movement of water in nature through rivers and streams energized water in a special way.

In recent years Masaro Emoto has done ground-breaking research on the nature of water. His research suggests that water is a highly sensitive living entity with memory and a certain clearly demonstrated "sensitivity." He demonstrates that water will respond to thought and emotion to a remarkable degree. Emoto took samples of water and wrote different words like '"love."gratitude," 'hate," "kill," "truth," or "beauty," then froze the water and examined the frozen water crystals under a microscope.

He found that positive emotions created symmetrical and orderly crystals and negative emotions created disorderly and nonsymmetrical frozen crystals. He also demonstrated that healthy hydrating water can be created just by writing keywords denoting those attributes on a container of water. Certain Sufis have in the past incorporated a method of healing that involved writing one of the names of God inside a container or cup, filling it with water and then drinking it after some time.

Another key research on water involves making"clustered" water. In this research it is demonstrated and suggested that water in which the molecules are in small clusters hydrate much better and can promote healing. Some of the researchers like Dr. Lorenzen, one of the first makers of clustered water, have also suggested the some of the world's healing waters, like water at Lourdes, the well in Tlacote, Mexico, or the sacred Islamic well of Saudi Arabia called Zam Zam are also essentially clustered waters.

Most clustered watered making devices involve some use of electrical current that runs through the water. The Japanese's interest in clustered water prompted Panasonic to do their own research and come up with their own clustered water maker. This small machine can make several gallons of water a day and costs less than 800 dollars, According to Dr. Emoto one can make highly effective clustered water just by writing the words "clustered water" on a cup of water.

Many researches in longevity have declared that those three locations in the world famous for longevity, namely Hunza valley in Pakistan Vilcabamba in South America, and the Russian Republic of Azerbaijan owe their attribute of longevity mainly to the highly energized waters that the locals drink.

The Tibetan adept Djual Khul, through his writings given through Alice Bailey, declared about 70 years ago that most of our energy needs are going to be met when have found a way of tapping the energy in water . He also predicted that man will find ways of using water for healing. Both these prophecies now seem to be coming true.

The Iranian Dr. Bakhtmandilej describes in his book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water, an extensive list of cases where he used just good quality water as a remedy with great success. A few examples are Angina (chest pain) and headaches. They are caused by dehydration and the symptoms of dehydration may not always manifest as thirst alone.

Water Purification System

What is good quality water? Most waters directly accessed from natural sources are generally beneficial for health being naturally energized and having a balanced mineral content. In Dr Lorenzen's research on clustered water he found that waters from glaciers are naturally clustered.

Alkaline Water

Most natural water sources are also more alkaline than city water especially waters from deep underground aquifers. However it's wrong to assume that all city waters are bad quality waters. Many city waters such as New York city water and San Antonio city water come from natural Aquifers that have proven to be higher grade water.

Some of the chemicals such as fluoride added to the city water can be removed by using simple water filters thereby eliminating a need of using expensive bottled water. Some bottled water suppliers deliberately use the word' 'spring ' in their trade name (such as "spring valley") to misled people to believing their water is spring water whereas in fact it is just bottled city water.

It's a known fact that 80% of all bottled water is just city water. The research on water is on going and it is good to keep abreast. A living sage has said: Our whole life depends on the thoughts we think, air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Of all these, water may be more important than ever previously thought possible.


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