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Is Your Ego Biting You in the Butt?

Updated on November 26, 2019
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People hold certain perspectives in life. Our perspectives define strongly what we see. And often, what is there, but not seen. Join to see.

The ego?

So much said about the ego...

While the ego is merely a concept.

A concept that helps understand our behavior.

Welcome in this journey, in which we'll explore this topic deeper.

The ego is said to be a projection of our larger self.

The ego is said to be a projection of our larger self.

This may hold some truth.

But is it the only thing that can be said about it, I wonder...?

The ego as the warrior?

The ego also may be represented as the warrior, defending the core of our being?

If there is some "thing" that needs to be protected... That alone makes us think about the concept of "fear"!


What or who is it that experiences fear, one wonders...?

Modern man, encapsulated and fearful.

When are we grasped by fear?

Isn't fear the thing that pops up when we're ignorant of who or what we are?

Lost in the labyrinth of life...

Life often doesn't offer us stability.

It so often merely is a labyrinth, a source of instability.

The beauty and the beast

All of us have multiple cores alive within ourselves.

In a way we all carry a beauty and a beast.

That is why we all CAN BE the beauty and the beast!

The ego tries to control the world around.

But how does one control a mirror?


That's right!

The world around is our mirror!

Going nuts?

It's enough to make you go nuts!

The ego is about approval!

I am the best!

I am the center of the universe!

I am the one who counts!

The ego as a print out of the higher self.

The ego is like a faulty printout of the higher self?

It surely is part of our sense of self-awareness.

Is it therefore bad?

The ego can be seen at times as our mask behind which we hide ourselves.

In an attempt to protect ourselves from the outside world.

The unrecognised ego may turn into our shadow?

I believe what we describe as "our shadow", is parts of our rejected and unrecognised ego.

Since there is something called "the preservation of energy"; no energy is ever lost. It only transforms.

Ego energy may temporary transform into shadow energy.

The ego as seen represented in Louis 14th.

Long before the ego existed and was named as a concept, it existed, represented by the narcissism of Louis 14th.

"The state? That is me!"

Introspection and contemplation.

To discover if and how our ego hinders our evolution we have to practice introspection and contemplation.

We have to dive deep into our soul.

We have to be honest with ourselves.

And face the whole of us. (All we judge and don't like included!)

Integrating our inner demons.

We have to start integrate.

View, accept and integrate the whole of us.

We have the ability to transform within.

We have the ability to transform within.

We all are caterpillars wanting to become butterflies!


And then, after we have transformed; after we integrated our inner sun and moon...

After we have given all parts their proper place...


By the way: This article is not meant to be "complete" in any way. For that I would need to write a book.It is merely meant as a teaser to make my readers start thinking about this topic.

Which doesn't mean I am not inviting you to discuss and add your own views in the comments...

If you like my texts, pictures and/or blogs, please DO share them!
Feel free to comment!
Feel free to ask questions!

All pictures are of my own creation and copyrighted.
Want to use them? Contact me!

More to follow soon!



© 2019 Antoine Van Hove


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