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Isolation Tanks in the Denver Area

Updated on September 19, 2013

Floating a Mile High

As float therapy is becoming more and more popular I have begun to notice isolation tanks and float centers popping up all over the place in Colorado. This sparks great joy in me as I love floating and the isolation tank culture. Post float is extremely refreshing. It makes me feel like I have just woke up from the best nap of my life. Even when most of the time I don't actually fall asleep in the tank.

I live just north of Denver in the city of Boulder. Luckily for me over the past few years we have gained two float centers in town. They are a little closer to home allowing me to float just that much easier. I will mention the Boulder float centers in the list as they are very close to Denver. Within a 30 minute drive to the city. The Denver float centers are where Colorado's isolation tank culture started though and there are plenty to choose from.

If you are wondering what an isolation tank is or have an appointment coming up and would like to be prepared for your float experience please check out my other articles on isolation tanks:

All prices and information quoted on this website are subject to change without notice.

A New Spirit

A New Spirit is a great place to float. This was the spa that I was so blessed to be able to float for the first time at. They are not necessarily a float center, but a wonderful spa offering many services. Don't let this fool you though. A New Spirit has allocated a large back room with two isolation tanks. One of the tanks is an Appollo Tank. The shower was out in a separate room than the tanks. The tanks are easy to enter with a step and a sliding hatch door. When your time is up the personnel will knock gently on the tank to alert you.

60 minutes session: $40

Lucid Dreams Denver Flotation Center

This is what I would consider a specified float center. The main focus here is the isolation tank experience. What this translates to is quality tanks, private rooms, and perks like audio added to the experience. The separation of tanks into their own rooms allows for private showers. This is a plus for me as I can go directly from the tank to the shower to get the Epsom salt saturated water off of my body before it gets in my eyes.

60 minutes session: $55

Healing Waters Float Studio

This is another perfect example of a float center; claiming to be the largest in Denver. Its even in the name, "Float Studio". They provide three Oasis Floatation Tanks in private rooms. Multiple tanks allows for booking with friends and they encourage doing so. Healing Waters offers a discounted price for bringing along your chums. The thing that stood out the most for me is an inversion table in every float room. I would love to give my spine a good stretch before a nice long float. They also offer binaural beats to help prepare for your experience.

90 minute session: $50 (includes inversion table and binaural beats)

The next two are in Boulder just north of Denver. They were also both featured in a Vice documentary on Isolation Tanks posted above.


Isolate is one of two float centers in Boulder. Along with Cloud 9 they have been featured in a Vice documentary about isolation tanks. This is a float center with a strong focus on the isolation tank experience. An obvious product of the Joe Rogan isolation tank explosion and it's awesome! This is a great center that really helps push the culture in a good direction. They use some very nice Samadhi tanks for a quality float experience. Private rooms are used for each tank with a very soothing décor.

60 minute session: $50

Cloud 9 Float Center

Last but not least Cloud 9. This is my float center of choice. Besides the fact that it is just directly down the road from my house; I really enjoy the staff here. They are always very nice and have even let me float a bit longer a time or two. Cloud 9 also has three private float rooms with isolation tanks being the main focus. They offer two Floataway Tranquility tanks and one Samadhi tank. There are showers in each room and a wonderful décor to prepare you for your journey. Wonderful meditation music can be played as you enter your experience as well as to lure you back to the external stimuli.

60 minute session: $40

Float Session Pricing

A New Spirit
Lucid Dreams
Healing Waters
Cloud 9

Prices subject to change. I will update as needed.

All of these float centers and spas offer great packages that will save you money. I simply chose to use the 60 minute session as a base price except where one was not offered.

So Get Out There and Float

This list just goes to show that there are plenty of great float centers and spas to enjoy an isolation tank session in the Denver area. They all offer a great float experience with package pricing and fun little perks to make the experience that much better. After all, the idea is to relax right? So go get out there and float away all of your stresses, aches, and pains.

Have you every had the joy of an isolation tank experience?

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