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It Keeps On Coming, and My Faith is Even Stronger

Updated on September 2, 2010

It Seems the Punches Kept Coming

 Hurry, got to beat the sun going down,, I would rush home from work.  Out side there would be solar lanterns set up.  I'd get home before the sun would go down.  Inside the ktchen I had swepted the floor and cleaned off the table before I left this morning.  Lets see, vacuum wont work, how do I clean the carpet?  I would go over it with a broom but that only did so much.

In the morning on the way to work  I prayed.  Lord please protect our family and get us out of this mess.  Please help us get through this.  I would heat a big pot of water to wash up in the bathroom every morning.  I could stand my six year old daughter in the shower and use a cup an wash her like that or she was small enough to fit in the ktchen sink.

Our electric had been shut off for six weeks. They shut us off beginning month of July.

I thought at first we could call the recourses we have available like social services.  I went down there for help.  I walked in with my daughter, and signed in.   I was in amazement how many people needed help.  it was terrible.  So many people in need of housing. I started to think my situation wasnt so bad.  I went in to talk to the social worker but there was nothing he could do for us.  I left there committed to finding an answer. 

I happened to be working alot of hours to try to come up with some kind of money. To help.

It wasnt like my husband could get overtime, he is on salary. He sunk into a deep depression that didnt help any of us. He would come home from work and go into the back yard, start  a fire in the fire pit and he would stay there all night. Meanwhile I would be ;doing all the things I needed to do in the house to try to make us as comfortable as possible.  I would heat the water on the stove to wash dishes. I would make sure everything was as clean as possible.

I would make dinner before night fell so I could see what I was doing. we kept necessaties in a cooler and we bought ice every night.  It got to the point of having close to nothing in the house.  we made sure the kids ate even if we couldnt.  yeah it got really sort of bad.

I was so tired but had to keep going for my son and daughter, they needed me.

I finally found out I could call BPU and got them to lower the price that the electric company wanted. we still couldnt come up with the money as we were stil behind on the rent. 

sucks dont it? My car  I was treating very softly because it was falling apart too., still is.

I finally called my brother and told him what was happening and he came to my rescue. Him and my father.  They came to my aid the same day.  My brother called the electric company and paid that day.  all I had to do was go down to them the next day, show ID and someone was over in the next hour to turn me on.  I cant believe , it seemed so easy.

It has been a couple of weeks since its been on and I am still tryng to live like middle ages.

I had bought a carpet sweeper while the electric was off,  I love the damned thing I use it every day.  I keep the lights off until I need them exlucively. .  I am not scared of the dark now. I used to be.  lol

If there is one thing this experience has taught me is how to handle things   I did not give up hope .

after the electric was turned on I had peace for two days.  long enough to rejuvinate, but not really because  I worked and I was still tired. My husband went into the hospital over night and came home the next morning. He had to be sceduled for hernia surgery.  I went to work

and when I was 20 minutes into the ride, my brakes went.  I put on the hazards and drove ten miles an hour to work, I was not going to stay out in the boonies with no place to go.

I was tryng not to pull my hair out at this time, I was still keeping my cool.  I had to find ride s to work and I begged and pleaded with some people and I made it with the help of my boss John and some of my friends and my neighbors Adrian and Mary.

well I got the car towed to my favorite mechanic in cliffwood, George.  Long story short the fuel line went and got a hole. He replaced it and only charged me a modest fee.

The other day I was going to get gas and I backed out of my driveway and the whole front end fell onto the tire.  I was panicking at this point.  Our friend adrian took me to work and called his friend Tim who came the next day, found out the problem and got it ready to put in the part we needed.  The next day when I got paid we were able to get the part.

Now the car is road ready thanks to people pulling together .  All of this while my husband went for surgery, he is home and it is healing but will be out of work for about three weeks. 

I wanted to make a point here.  There are lots of things that come our way.  I cant even say it was a test of faith because I love God no matter what happens to me.  I always have. but I am able to look at the situation and sometimes my emotions run a way with me because I get overwhelmed by it all but God always carries me through it.  That is why at work I could always hold a smile on my face and be focused enough to do a good job. That is why my attitude will always reflect that of a thankful person.  I was able to observe situations around me during this time.  It is like drawing a circle around your situation and seperating your self from the actual events that are taking place.  I noticed a neighbor two doors down from me, he has sicklecell anemia.  He is only 19.  He is such a good kid and trying to fit in I think with his peers but he is very sick in the hospital right now.  He is so fragile.  I notice this other woman, my age.she has no lower limbs. she gets around in a scooter and keeps up a smiling face but I know she hurts inside. I see people hurting all around me, so I always think who am I to say or think I have it bad.I am certainly not better than these other people around me. 

Problems are always going to arise, the thing is to draw that circle .,step outside of yourself and your situation, look at someone elses situation and pray for that persons situation.

Dont consume yourself with your own situation.  Do that all of your life and you can actually attract people to you no matter your circumstance. 

 I had the great pleasure of meeting some real positive people that traded facebook id's with me and made some friends. Not out of need, but because of attitude.

If you are going through hard times right now, stop a minute and ask God to help you notice the other things.  We could look inside and know we are not the only ones.  My problems will not end like that . There are going to be many instances , there always are, it just seems that is what my life is crusted with sometimes. I never loose my faith, and I always come out of it stronger and learning something that I think I was meant to learn.  Its training ground for something.

God Bless you all and keep the faith.


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    • primpo profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      He pulls m through everything McGregor...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow Tina!Very Inspirational! Amazing how God was able to pull you through!


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