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It Works Greens Product Review

Updated on February 1, 2015

It Works Greens

It Works Greens come in two flavors: Orange and Berry.  Add two scoops to a bottle of water or mix with juice and enjoy.
It Works Greens come in two flavors: Orange and Berry. Add two scoops to a bottle of water or mix with juice and enjoy.

It Works Greens: My Story

You may have heard of the It Works Body Wraps or even been to a Wrap party and experienced the Wrap for yourself but It Works has another product called Greens that I have found extremely effective in my up and down journey with weight and exercise. I was sucked into the Marketing Machine of the It Works independent distributors (who called themselves my "upline" because they were all completely stuck up and fake), paid the $99 distributor fee, and then forked over way too much money for a cute little box filled with promises. Dollar bills danced across my eyelids and I was hypnotized.

I first tried the It Work Greens at an art/craft/etc. show at a hair salon in December of 2013. I had watched a couple other girls get their stomachs measured and wrapped, then unwrapped and measured again 45 minutes later. Most of the women had great results but when my stomach was unwrapped and I was measured again, the Perky It Works distributor informed me that I had the dreaded condition called Toxic Bloat and needed to detox my body with the magical Greens. My stomach had swelled several inches during the wrap and I was completely mortified. All through my teens I had eaten whatever I wanted and stayed super tiny. Then I went off to college where I studied drinking and boys and gained a good twenty pounds.

What's In It Works Greens?

It Works Product Information
It Works Product Information

It Works Greens Give You a Zip of Energy

I was so excited after the wrap and drinking a giant shot of the It Works Greens that I had trouble sleeping that night. I was imagining how great my life would be with exciting trips, a new house, kissing my day job goodbye and being able to live a new life....I could hardly wait for my It Works Greens to arrive in the mail so I could detox my body and get my inner goddess alkalized. I just knew the Greens would be like a Jack in the Beanstalk Potion and carry me off high into the sky.

The hype the independent distributor will tell you:

Skip the coffee and still get an energy boost -- Forget those quick-fix energy drinks like Red Bull and even coffee! Green superfood gives you the same energy boost without all the sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy stimulants. That means, no sugar or caffeine crash.

The truth:

You will notice you have an extra boost of energy after drinking your Greens. Unfortunately, most of the published information is spun by doctors who It Works pays to say great things about their product. I would like more solid information touting the benefits and some insight into the possible side effects of the powder.

Greens Powder

The It Works Greens powder mixes easily with water so taking the two scoops daily is super easy.
The It Works Greens powder mixes easily with water so taking the two scoops daily is super easy.

My Losing Battle with Losing Weight

I wanted the It Works products to give me my old body and metabolism back. I was sure that the combination of wraps, greens, and Fat Fighters would transform me back into the pre-college goddess I knew I was on the inside. In the beginning, the girl who signed me up sent sweet and encouraging texts telling me how great I would be at selling the products and how I just had to get two people under me (on the MLM pyramid only they never call it a pyramid) and I would move up and start earning more. Had I signed up any loyal customers? How many wrap parties did I have booked? She promised she would help me with the wrap party (my launch, she called it) and once again I dreamed that money was oozing into my life as the ripples on my stomach smoothed themselves out.

When I did have my launch party for It Works none of my up line "wrap girls" came to help me wrap, measure or sell my It Works products. That's when I started realizing that my up line only cared about how much money they were making off my sales and really didn't care about me at all. That realization was hard to swallow. I thought I was joining a sisterhood. So that was a letdown but I was finally getting some results with my wraps and the greens. My stomach was actually flat after several weeks of wrapping my belly (and wearing the wraps to bed, covered in Saran Wrap and a tight tank top).

It Works Greens: Great or Great Money Waste?

As soon as my order arrived, I ripped open the box, danced around the kitchen singing to myself and mixed up a giant bottle of Greens and water. I chugged down bottle after bottle all week, amazed that my appetite seemed to lessen, my energy was lifted and I felt like I was taking control of my body and my weight. I was also using the Body Wraps and measuring my stomach before and after the wraps. I also convinced my boyfriend to do the wraps and eagerly measured and recorded his results. After the wraps, I rubbed the Defining Gel on our stomachs for even better results. I was taking the Fat Fighter pills after all my large meals and felt like I was slimming down.

Greens Boost Your Immune System and Help Skin

One definite benefit is a boost in your body's immunity and resistance to colds. You will notice that your immune system is much stronger when you are taking the Greens everyday. That is definitely one of the positive effects that I noticed. I felt healthier and more vital. Other people say their skin is clearer when they take their Greens, especially remarkable for one nail tech that I know who has very bad rosacea. Recently I saw her and her skin looked dull and tired. She said she was too busy and had not been taking her Greens. I saw a visible difference in her skin tone and color.

Pros and Cons of It Works Greens

Gives you energy without jitteriness
Dubious nutritional information available
Mixes easily with water or juice
Only available through independent distributors who try to upsell you ad bombard you with other It Works products
Price is reasonable compared to other greens powders
Not a miracle powder

It Works Greens are Not a Miracle

There are definite benefits you will notice from taking the It Works Greens. I no longer sell any It Works products but still recommend the Greens to friends who do not get their fruits and vegetables the old fashioned way. The Greens will not miraculously tone your body and transform your life into glitz and glam, as I had naively hoped. I am currently working out at least three days a week for 60-90 minutes per session to tone and tighten my body. Right now I am taking Swanson GreenFoods Green Max Powder and mixing it into my daily green smoothies. How do I feel? I feel great and recommend IT Works Greens as a great starter green for anyone interested in increasing their energy and improving their health.

Voluntary Simplicity
Voluntary Simplicity | Source
Kitchen Sink Jewelry
Kitchen Sink Jewelry | Source

Detox Drinks:It Works Greens


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