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It doesn't matter what anyone says about the things you do, who cares about haters.

Updated on March 22, 2015

you can make things happen, don't worry about haters.

Don't mind the haters, they only hate because they can't do what you can do.

It doesn't matter what you do for yourself in your life when others aren't happy with what you're doing.

More than likely if you have contentment with your life it doesn't matter what anyone says.

I don't follow people, I lead my own life.

I learned in life to succeed you have to climb obstacles, but in time will over come them.

With social media there are many keyboard warriors and that's all they are, keyboard warriors and nothing more.

I look for myself to better myself and want to get six pack ab and work on my dreams.

No matter what anyone says, I go out and make things happen for myself, and I do all the work.

Once again I want six pack abs and I am working on it without the aid of a stomach operation, without the aid of botox, without the aid of liposuction, without the aid of steroids and without the aid of any type of surgery to enhance the work of my slowly evolving 6 pack abs.

Maybe not all women want them and honestly I don't care what anyone thinks or says, because it is something I am working very hard on in the gym/fitness center.

I am happy that I am able to go the center as many times I want and happy with the atmosphere in the center.

To me in life, I have proven many people wrong with things I want to do in my life and at this point in my life I don't care what anyone says, because whatever anyone says or writes about me, I can shut the computer off and shut down all social media and just hit the fitness center.

I am working on many things in my life and I don't know if you can call people haters, maybe I don't know, but I think when people are miserable within themselves they want to take that misery out on other people.

I learned to just go on and keep doing that I love in life.

I know nothing can stop me, and I am the only that can stop myself.

Even after writing this article as I finish I'm going to hit up the fitness center and enjoy my time working out.

It doesn't matter about haters because my life is filled with rewarding things in my life that I accomplish and that is why I feel very completed as a human being and a woman.

I found I have the strength to do the things in my life and can stand on my own two feet while achieving things I want to do in my life.

Not everyone has to live their lives the same way, but basically I know I can keep improving my life with things and goals that I will keep working on.

Sometimes social media really can be a joke, but it is indeed a good networking tool.

But I mean come on? Do keyboard warriors think that because they can say or write bad about someone that is going to stop them, no, I just don't think so, so you have to laugh at keyboard warriors and haters.

It is good to stay focused on things in life that help to make your heart soar.

The best thing is to keep going and don't stop.

Granted a cat nap or two along the way is great, believe me I like to cuddle up like a little kitty cat just like anybody else to help re-energize myself.

Life is very beautiful and yes, yes, yes, you do have to take the bull by the horns and go for a ride.

The rides I take in life by taking the bull by the horns is worth it.

Granted sometimes I don't know where these wild rides by a bull may take me, but if there are chances in life that I can take, then I'm going to take them.

I try to do things and if I fall down, the best thing to do is to rise up like a flaming phoenix and just rise above and maybe just take tiny baby steps one at a time.

You got to remember you got you, to rely on yourself and you have your own free will to make things happen.

Sure you could be handed anything in life, but then you can't say that you actually worked for it in the first place, you were "given" it.

I have more satisfaction in knowing when I work for something and that gives me a lot of joy in my life.

I have nothing to prove to anyone because my life is in my own hands and in my own hands I can move mountains that people said I would never move and guess what? I have.

I don't have to rub it in people's faces that I did things they said I wouldn't do and did them because I know I can do the things I want whether people believe in me or not.

I know that I am the one that can make things happen and believe or not, if you work for something very hard, you too can make things happen for yourself.

Sometimes, somethings may take a little bit longer to achieve but in the end it will be well worth the fight because you are the one that overcome those struggles and obstacles in life. Yes once again it will be well worth it.

Remember you can make things happen for yourself as long as your work for things in life.

It is beautiful to know that we have free will to do what we want in our lives.

I know right now after I am done writing this article, I have my own free will to workout at a fitness center and I so enjoy the environment in the fitness center.

So never mind any haters or anyone that says you can't do something in life, know why?

Because those that are haters and say you can't do the things in your life that you probably already did, well those people are never going to be able to do the things you have done.

:) have a good day.


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