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It is not about "health" insurance

Updated on February 18, 2013

Health insurance is a game for the rich.

There was a Doctor testifying in court, he mentioned the high cost of his malpractice insurance. This opened the door to his finances.
There was a Doctor testifying in court, he mentioned the high cost of his malpractice insurance. This opened the door to his finances. | Source

The Cost of Health. There is no dollar figure for health.

There is not a policy that insures health. There is no premium that can keep you healthy. The people that you "insure" are health care providers, not you.

When I was just a little boy prior to kindergarten I was watched by a wonderful lady that lived in a house my dad owned next to his medical office, which was just a big house. She read me call of the wild and Robinson crusoe, i think. Or it could have been Nanook of the North and treasure island, but for sure Moby Dick. Of course that is off the point. Specifically I remember a poorly shot up cowboy coming in. He had no use of his right wing and blood was plentiful. "Doc, I cannot pay you now but come roundup I'll be flush" and my dad went about extracting the bullet and calling Mr. Miller the Sheriff. The man paid as promised and we were "flush" with beef that winter. That is right around 1960. Now a doctor will not see you without insurance or if they do, you just lost half your check for the next year. ER rooms are different for a different story.

Health Insurance CEO salaries, who’s health?

It is understood that insuring your health comes from healthy living, you generally cannot buy that. And it is equally clear that Obamacare is misnamed because it has nothing to do with the care. The entire debate is misnamed and probably largely misunderstood. What we are talking about is insurance protection for the cost of future health care. Except for the elite or the impoverished, insurance has very little to do with your overall health. But of course the same can be said for level of intelligence and education combined. And of course that more specifically relates to intelligence about your body and education that is engrained enough to promote a continuing life of education, and not formality. For instance a modern organic farmer, who is physically active in her work, would be highly educated about foods and in tune with her body.

So it is important to remember that health insurance is not any kind of assurance that you will be healthy. In fact it would be far more accurate to speak of what we call health insurance as sick insurance. We do not say we have driving insurance we say we have accident insurance. Not standing structure insurance but fire insurance. I imagine that came from marketers not linguists.

What is terribly troubling to me are the politicians wrangling my healthcare into political points rather than filling us in on the issues. On some things that may be OK, but as it regards my health that is pretty personal issue and not really appropriate for one sided political rhetoric. I found this article illuminating: Calvin Woodward AP And sense the whole debate is more about money than health, I wanted to see just how much the big wig CEO’s make off this industry: For some reason that figure hovering around 10 million a year caused me to think about the Bailed out banking Executives. Combining that with the millions spent on lobbying our congress on the health insurance issues and it gives you a real sick feeling, and that is not good for your health.

These issues will come up real hard and fast now between September and november

Our whole system will not change because neither man now being considered for President wants to do it at the sake of his other politics. So if you here promising let your alarms go off as they cannot promise anything.


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