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Updated on August 20, 2012


(Facebooking the tweet out of that with twaddle dee and tripe-ee dum)

I have satellite radio in my company truck, so I have a choice of quite a few stations I might listen to.

Of late, I have been listening to old time radio, the many different programs from the forty's, fifty's and sixty's. At one point there was a discussion from producers and writers and the comments were made about verbiage or the language that should be used, relative to the day. It is comical listening to some of those old commercials from soap, shampoo, shaving cream etc, some I remember that were used for decades.

Anyway, the comment was on the simplicity of the structure and words chosen, merely because most of their listening audience were simple ordinary and unsophisticated folk, so the use of a more common approach was deemed necessary. When science, space travel, or doctors were involved, there usually was some narration with a bit more in depth explanation as to what was going on.

We haven't really travelled too much farther when you come to think about it in many regards. We are for the most part relatively simple minded. The things that have changed is the amount of continuous information we receive at a much faster rate. We are technically waterlogged and are becoming bogged down on our own individual information highway. We are sloshing through a never ending fog all the while in a blinding snowstorm. What is happening is we don't quite know how to handle it all and at the core of each one of us seems to be the growing unrest, confusion, mind bending overload, of technological enormity that we are about to drive off a cliff and not even know that it is right there in front of us. We don't know how to slow down and out of this comes a new road rage that happens in the office, in the coffee shop, grocery store checkout and bank lines; where our impatience looms over our heads and we either make a rash comment due to our incessant impatience or we storm out. It comes home with us also and it is affecting our children on their own level, but we also dish it out on them. It rises in us at the soccer field, gym, hockey arena, baseball field and we don't even dismiss it, like we might have 15 or 20 years ago. Consider this new phenomena around bullying.

The computer sitting on our desk, on our lap, in our home and now on our phone, i-pad etc continues to smolder like a fire simply needing the slightest wind to once again set us off.

We hunger and thirst daily for that windfall to come our way. The lines at the lottery ticket counters are continuously getting longer, the prizes getting larger, and we all just want a way out, without really knowing at the heart what it is that we want a way out of. We are becoming more and more dissatisfied with life of any simplicity, loyalty, happiness, morality and even friendship.

Great writers and commentators are telling us that facebook and twitter are really a fallacy of friendship. A very bad social expenditure of our time and energy. Who cares what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or that you just burped. We have been lured into a dimension of useless tripe and twaddle. We have been led down the path of an early destruction to our social character. We have condemned ourselves to an early death of our right mind and will be left with a trivial pursuit of; "Where did my mind go?" We won't even care, as we become subjects of the pied piper with any kind of tune.

I watch people walking around with these air-controller type head phones on, like their world is so disconnected and their life is now so meaningless that they have to show you and I that they are totally and constantly linked to the information highway, and no matter how insignificant the conversation that comes across the universe and into their ear, they will immediately have an answer, even if they don't know that there ever was a question. The same goes for all the text messaging that endlessly crosses the planet. I mean really, what is this ceaseless necessity to suddenly have to be connected all of the time. The phone companies have us all by the short hairs and laugh all the way to the bank.

We are fools with our money and we lack the intestinal fortitude to even want to try to slow down.


We are constantly cut off by the complete neglect of others, as they butt into line, drive as fast as they can to the next interchange, cutting through traffic with no regard for human life. Showing the one finger salute if you should even glance their way. I have logged a few million miles in my short life time and have never seen it as prevalent as I do these days. Texting, playing computer games, watching movies, reading books, applying make-up, shuffling papers, all kinds of distractions while driving, even at excessive speeds.

I know that it is because of a growing turmoil with the pressure of just living within the daily grind we all face, but many do not know how to face it and their outlet comes at the expense of others. Death by disrespect. Honour takes a very far away back seat, and with it are principles, morality, ethics and integrity of heart.

Unrest has been the aggregate to many a war. Uneasiness, aggression and apprehension have been at the throat of the world ever since Cain killed Able. The only difference today is that we now have access to its totality in a millisecond right from the source we all have in our hands. We hold onto the smoking gun, and there is a huge hole in our heart, another in our brain, and we are all dead men walking.

It appears as though we are all heading for one complete and utter human meltdown, all the while our fingers and mouths will still be walking and talking all the way to the grave; and if we had the power to electronically tell what that experience would be all about...


we would!


Them wasn't necessarily the "Good Old Days"


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    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      6 years ago from Canada

      imKarn23. Appreciate the visit and comment. I left the comment open for 2 weeks while I decided whether or not to deny it, only because I am not a user of the 'F' word, simply because I find it an overused adjective that has no bearing in any serious conversation or as an expression. I know that this is the world we live in but then we have the choice of how we each express ourselves.

      Ed Sullivan... I grew up being an avid watcher with my family. i remember that they weren't going to allow the camera's to shoot Elvis below the waist if he did his famous leg shaking. Great memories on Sunday night. I think we had 5 or 6 channels on our TV in the sixties. Canadian censorship over content was a serious thing. We say we have come a long way in maturing within each individual, and that we are able to handle anything, but the truth is that promiscuity has taken over the masses and we lack individual governing with regard to morality, manners, respect, and truly caring for others.

      An "INHUMAN meltdown"... It's an out of control runaway train full of toxic waste.

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      6 years ago

      if i might say - this is as close to perfectly said, perfectly thought out, and perfectly written as anything i've ever read! (and no - i'm not sleeping with the

      I could NOT agree more more more!!! Just the other night they were showing a 2 hour special of the Ed Sullivan Show - believe it or not! It was...unbelievable - how different the world was. There were things like manners (even from the most famous), respect, listening, eye contact - and some amazingly lovely words to some amazingly lovely songs! People had more patience, more compassion and more time! My computer is basic, my cell phone is 10 years old - i don't own an i-anything and am on fb and twitter only to promote my writing! Nobody EVER knows when i burp! A year ago before i started writing - i had 13 friends on fb - and i thought THAT was too many! lol..The world is fucked - pure and simple! Thank you for this - You get it!

      If i might just say one thing: We're not heading for a 'human' melt down - we are in the midst of a very INHUMAN melt down. Humanity is history, it seems...

    • Saintatlarge profile imageAUTHOR

      Saint Lawrence 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Deb, nice of you to leave a great comment. Thank you for the visit, I will have to pop over to NY soon. Later, L.

    • profile image

      Deb Welch 

      6 years ago

      You are spot on with your opening sentence:'Facebooking the tweet out of that with twaddle dee and tripe-ee dum'. I think we have gone over the top with social communication, but hey, isn't it fun? God forbid if you don't agree - maybe. In the old days video - one thing I did notice was the air looked cleaner. Great Hub - good writing on this Topic.


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