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It's That Time of Year

Updated on December 14, 2012

It Starts with a Sniffle


That Scratchy Throat

I mentioned a scratchy throat to my nurse practioner. She checked and it was red but she didn't really want to prescribe an antibiotic and I didn't really want one. We agreed I'd take Benadryl at night to help dry me up and I'd drink a concoction of lemons, ginger, and honey to make tea. That was on Friday.

By Sunday I was spending entirely too much time in the bathroom. Food was not staying with me. I had no energy and two classes to teach on Monday. I drank lots of fluids and did as little as possible.

By Monday, I was texting a friend to say if I did not feel better in the morning, I wouldn't be down to help with a project. A good night's sleep and a hot shower in the morning and I thought I was back to normal. Grabbed a hot chocolate from McDonald's and headed to my friends.

Chicken Soup


Wednesday Night

On the way home from the college I called my favorite restaurant to see if they had chicken noodle soup. They did and assured me, there would be some when I got there. So, a cup of hot tea and a cup of soup, I thought I'd get through the night and be better in the morning.

Not so, I called my nurse practioner who ordered immediate blood tests to see if I had something other than a virus. I drive in, pick-up a slip, and head across the street to the Medical Arts Building. Waited to get medical papers filled out. Went to the lab, then waited for my turn to be poked. One blood test and one urinalysis later, I was headed back home to sleep.

Friday Morning

I get an early morning call wanting to know why I hadn't gone for blood tests. When I explained I had, it was discovered that I was given the paperwork for some retesting they had planned later this month.

On the up side, my fever had broken and I was feeling like part of the world. I set to work grading the exams I had given on Wednesday and get ready for meeting my students and the second of my two exams. Things were looking up. I told everyone I was doing fine.

Trip to Doctor


Things go from Bad to Worse

By Saturday night I knew something was wrong. I suspected a kidney infection. I could not get warm (it was 70 in my house). I was under two blankets. I had socks on (I rarely wear socks). I alternated between hot tea and water all day.

My fever was skyrocketing. This was not good and I was NOT going to the ER. I have enough ER bills to pay from an incident in October. I'm also not a fan of the hospital here in town. It has gone downhill over the years and doctors are abandoning ship.

Sunday I was having chills so bad they woke me up and my whole bed shook. It took me the better part of thirty minutes to get warm again. It was like that off and on all day.

Monday Morning

I was at the nurse practioner's early. After another urinalysis, I got a diagnosis of UTI=urinary tract infection. This time a round of antibiotics was needed. I went to get breakfast and wait for the meds to be filled.

I picked them up on the way to the college. Could not take them without first eating. That wasn't going to happen for a few hours. Not only that they make you drowsy. Stowed them away. Smiling because I had taken Motrin for fever and was feeling somewhat human. Who was I kidding.

Various students during the exam whispered "Are you all right?" I assured them I was and I needed to take some medication when got home. It was not an easy exam. It had three parts. Vocabulary, application, and comprehension. Most of them did very well.

Well it is now Friday for the third time. I have been fever free since Wednesday. I am keeping small amounts of food down, I feel like the energizer bunny. Things are looking up.

Be very careful if you catch something. Don't take chances, but don't run for an antibiotic either. Drink lots of fluids and rest. Take time off work if you can.


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