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Japanese Ear Cleaners

Updated on July 7, 2010

Problems Cleaning Your Ears?

If like me you've been struggling with cotton buds to clean your ear wax, then I've got a great product for you from Japan. It's so simple it's genius. Instead of just a bit of cotton that soon gets dirty and disintegrates use a thin piece of bamboo curved at the end. The end is angled to allow you to get at the wax deep in the recesses of your ears. And because it is bamboo you can wipe the wax off and go for a further probe. This way you can really get deep into your ears and give them a thorough clean.

And once you've dug out all the nasty hard wax you can turn the cleaner around and use the other end which is made of soft feathers. This collects the final pieces of ear wax. And hey presto you have really clean ears. You will probably be able to hear a lot better and feel more comfortable with changes in pressure when you are flying or when you are diving.

It makes a lot of sense to switch from cotton buds to Japanese ear cleaners.

If you can't find Japanese ear cleaners where you live. Then leave a comment and I'll try and help you out.


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    • smartcontentz profile image

      smartcontentz 7 years ago from Japan

      Hello Harvey

      I did try and sell Japanese ear cleaners through ebay, but with the ebay fees and postage I couldn't make any profit. And now paypal Japan won't receive private payments. However, if you want a pair I could arrange something.

    • profile image

      Harvey 7 years ago

      I spent many years in Japan and a local girl introduced me to the way of cleaning earwax. In the states I cannot find this wonderful tool. Perhaps you can open the market for them ???