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Japanese Medicinal Remedy to Detoxify Organs

Updated on May 3, 2013

Detox Patch

I have recently received a pamphlet in the mail which describes a Japanese medical patch that will detoxify our bodies while we sleep. As I was reading all this I was amazed at how many different types of ailments this patch cures or improves symptoms of ailments for the better. The ingredients used in the patch are all natural here is a list of the ingredients: STARCH- this can absorb many times its weight is known to give a feeling of well-being. BAMBOO VINEGAR- Japanese use this for medicinal purposes it works well on the heart, stomach and lungs and also has re-mineralizing properties. TOURMALINE- is known to stimulate the reflex points in the feet; it also soothes pain. WOOD EAR (MUSHROOM)- it is well known to reactivate the immune system; as well as fights bacterial diseases. WOOD VINEGAR- it reduces joint and muscle pain as well as absorbs toxins through the skin.

Natural Medicines

I have become more and more interested in finding natural medicines for different ailments in the past couple of years. This pamphlet has stirred up my interest in this method of detoxifying ones-self as well as curing and subduing aches and pains caused by certain ailments. I have always seen the Japanese culture as highly intelligent and advanced;being especially knowledgeable in the practice of natural medicines. It is a Japanese family who operate this particular business of manufacturing this medicinal patch. It has been a family business for over 12 generations. So I am presuming they are experts in this type of medicinal aide. Apparently this is a common medicinal aide in Japan; in fact the Japanese government has been known to go on television and radio to encourage the general population to use this form of treatment at least twice a year. The Japanese have been using this form of treatment for 4000 years.

Patch Works While We Sleep

I love that this patch works while we sleep; this sounds much better than swallowing a handful of pills. It has been a big topic within the French press lately; many magazines are writing articles about this topic. It has apparently become a regular part in the daily routines of many celebrities from around the world. Maybe this patch has something to do with why so many of them look so great! It is known to tackle 137 diseases; this all done while we are in a sweet state of slumber.

Detoxifying Body

I don't know anyone personally who has tried this as it is fairly new in North America; that would have helped in making my decision a little easier. I am leaning towards trying the product as I am thinking what do I have to lose? Other than a few aches and pains and getting my body detoxified. I can just imagine how dirty my patches would be as I just recently quit smoking; I'm sure my patches would be blackened with all the toxins I have been building up in my body all these years.


Maybe its time to clean up my act on the inside and outside of my toxic body! This method is stirring interest within me. I want to look further into this new found method of healing (new for me that is). The fact that it is all-natural ingredients and that no pills are involved really does sound good so far. I am moving towards the next step which is doing further research on this patch before I say yae or nae on trying it personally.

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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      I find the Japanese culture most fascinating thanks for reading my hub and taking time to comment as well have a great weekend DDE from Croatia wow thats a ways away from where I live in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. take care and stay connected! pam.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Such helpful and fascinating ways