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Jit Massage in Pattaya Thailand

Updated on July 4, 2011

Jit Massage

Jit Massage is located on Soi X-Zyte in Pattaya Thailand. Centrally located it is easily found. Any motorcycle taxi will take you there for thirty Thai Baht. Leaving Soi Bukhao it is just a few yards after the bowling green on the left hand side of the road next to the 'Taste of Thailand' Bar and Restaurant.

Most visitors to Pattaya in Thailand will want to experience a massage. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience which can be enjoyed by all regardless of age or sex.

The visitor to Pattaya will be overwhelmed by the number of massage parlors there are. One is really spoilt for choice. Trying to decide what is a good massage is a bit more difficult and could not just lighten the pocket but leave a bruise or two as well.

In general massage is cheap in Thailand with 'Thai Massage' ranging from 80 Thai Baht an hour upwards. Many falsely assume that paying more is better. It isn't. How good a massage is depends on the person giving the massage rather than the amount spent. 

The gauge of how good a massage parlor is:

  • Regular Clients
  • Local Clients
  • Clients traveling a distance just to reach the parlor

Jit Massage fills these three. If Thai people come to a Thai Massage Parlor you KNOW it is good.

The Jit Massage is the real deal. This is NOT a 'happy ending' or 'extra' type of establishment. This is pure, top notch, efficient and expert massage.

What is more it is not expensive. Here a Thai Massage will cost you just 100 Thai Baht (most people will tip 20 to 40 Thai Baht). Closer to the beach you will pay double that and more. In a major hotel it could even be five times as much.

Massage Over or While You Wait?

Whilst waiting for your massage or to relax afterwards why not sit next door in Taste of Thailand, possibly the smallest bar and restaurant in Pattaya. Staffed by very friendly people it can offer you a beer or a coke or something to eat.

Note: 'Jit' is the name of the young lady who manages the massage parlor and does not signify a massage technique.

Foot Note

The masseuse from Jit Massage decided to go it alone and left to set up D and K Traditional Thai Massage. This rather left Jit in the lurch and so she closed down the massage side of her business. JIT MASSAGE IS NOW CLOSED


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  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 5 years ago from South East Asia

    Good story Peter....there are days I need one of those little white pills. Not getting any younger.

  • Peter Geekie profile image

    Peter Geekie 5 years ago from Sittingbourne

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for an interesting article. Massage has a multitude of meanings depending on what you are expecting. I remember on one of my many business trips I suffered crippling muscle spasm in my back. Normally I have an osteopath at home but this was a country I had never visited before. I asked reception could they suggest an osteopath but they didn't understand. Eventually we agreed on massage. " Ah you want massage - we have very good girls, very cheap". No I protested, I need therapeutic massage. " Yes, yes they said, they be anything you want"

    In the end I was in so much pain I said send one to my room. I reasoned that perhaps they had picked up some proper massage technique. The first girl was hopeless but spoke a little English, I explained my predicament as best I could and she said she would speak with the madam. Within 20mins a rather handsome and kind older lady arrived and explained they had no one suitable, however if I paid the usual fee she would give me something for the pain. By this time anything was acceptable and she gave me two little white pills, helped me settle into a comfortable position and left quietly. Well, I have no idea what was in the pills but the room gently faded away and I slept until quite late the following day and woke with almost no pain. All of this was no doubt illegal but Wow what a feeling of relaxation. It's a pity we don't have such places in the UK.

    Kind regards Peter

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Thanks Mike. Actually I know one or two that do a good massage for just 80 Baht but I cannoy vouch for the quality.

  • 4hourmike profile image

    4hourmike 7 years ago from Thailand

    Thanks for the tip, Peter. I've been looking for a good legitimate massage in Pattaya. This sounds like the perfect place. As you said, if the Thais go there its bound to be good. At 100 baht this is the cheapest in Thailand.

  • Peter Dickinson profile image

    Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

    Hello, hello, - thank you. You could not go far wrong with a Jit Massage....and Thailand is the perfect holiday destination.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    A holiday and massage might bring back to life again. Thank you for a great advice.