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John McMahon's Death, Dark Passing to Extraordinary Glory

Updated on February 22, 2011

Mammal crosses over to the other side...

A mammal (beaver) crosses over...
A mammal (beaver) crosses over...

John's Death, Dark Passing to Extraordinary Glory

John's death, dark passing to extraordinary glory has happened,

Oh how dimmed, when one so bright is released from loved-others,

Fear not trailblazer, when one so bright does pass,

He will be a great lamp for loved-others...

John's death, dark passing would not be like Henry David's; no not his...

They would have danced as they greeted and withheld their quivered arrows,

A most wonderful greeting for this pale trail blazer and true friend...

You "see" this young lad from Toronto's Urbania was a most brilliant trail blazer.

And now John's chief endeavour is not unlike his many Chief-years in Longlac.

He will be one with his elements and most symbiotic in nature...

Caring and loving for less-fortunate and sharing his wisdom and excitement beyond compare...

Oh John, if I could have said fare-thee-well; I know you would have chuckled and said green lad,

fear not the passing. "Be not afraid." it is indeed so wonderful; void of old pains,

T'is like the shrill cry of those beautiful bald eagles as they soar and fly,

Defying all gravity and reaching for Heaven and thinking we may already have "landed"

from death's dark passing.


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    • connorj profile image

      John Connor 7 years ago from Altamonte Springs

      Our deepest condolences to Audrey; yet remember he indeed lives on...