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Visiting Faith Healer "John of God" in Brazil.

Updated on September 20, 2013

Faith Healing

Six years ago my brother (Greg) invited me to go on a trip to Brazil with him to visit the world famous faith healer "John of God". This man is famous for his special gift of healing the sick. He had said that this gift he had chose him he did not choose it in fact he felt that he was being punished for bad deeds he had done in a past life. He felt this way as his life was not his own, his body was used as a vessel of sorts that several spirits used some of which had been doctors in life. He said it was these spirits that were responsible for healing the sick that he really had nothing to do with it other than providing the spirits with a body to use so that they could heal the sick. People came from all over the world to see this gifted man hoping that he would be able to heal them where traditional medicines had failed. Many people that came to see "John of God" were terminally ill people looking for a miracle to heal the deadly illnesses they where suffering from.

Located in a Small Village

The miracles did not take place in a typical tourist area but instead in a village in the middle of no-where with dirt roads and the livestock roaming freely throughout it. This little village was not the setting I expected to come to meet the world famous "John of God" but this was where he was to be found in a little no flash village that had a donkey and cart as it's garbage truck. Most of the people that we met where from different countries such as Australia, Britain, America, and Canada. We also met many people who came to see "John of God" at least once a year for a top up on their treatment of the illness they were suffering from.

My Brother and I Journey to Brazil

My brother had suffered a back injury which was caused when he fell from the top of a ladder which had broke while he was climbing it to get on to a house roof. Greg fell from near the top of the ladder landing on his back on snow. He had suffered great injury to his back trying different types of therapy to try and heal the injury but to no avail. A friend of his had told him about "John of God" and he decided he would give him a try. I take tonic-clonic seizures so my brother thought I should come with him and maybe "John of God" could heal me. Like my brother with his back injury the doctors had never been able to stop my seizures so this was worth trying we thought. So this is how my brother and I ended up taking our journey to Brazil to meet the world famous "John of God".

My Eyes Ran Silent Tears

All the people we met from around the world all had their stories to tell about their personal experiences with "John of God". Everyday when we went to visit "John of God" my eyes would start to water as soon as I stepped foot on the property of the "La Casa" where "John of God" was; they wouldn't stop running until I left the property. This strange thing happened without fail everytime I went there I would spew out silent tears which I had no control over.

John of God Talks

"John of God" spoke in Spanish but he had translators beside him to let us know what he was saying to us. We were not allowed to tell him anything personal about ourselves but instead he would tell us about ourselves. I had never met this man in my life yet he talked to me about my seizures and he knew my brother was my brother telling Greg to pray for me (his sister). After my visit to see "John of God" my seizures stopped for three whole months which was wonderful for me because normally I have a couple a month. I believe if I had of been able to spend more time with "John of God" he would have been able to stop my seizures all together. But you only have a few seconds with him each day for five days so I believe if you have a serious ailment you may have to revisit for a top up.

My Brother was Healed

My brother and I witnessed and took part in many things on that trip we cannot explain. My brother was chosen from hundreds of people to go on the stage with "John of God" for a special healing. My brother and the two other chosen people all looked like they where in a hypnotized state. "John of God" took a large surgical clamp and stuck it up my brother's nostril which he then proceeded to turn this way and that; this procedure looked like it would hurt but my brother later stated that he felt nothing. I was in the middle of the audience where "John of God" pointed right at me calling me up to the stage to take care of my brother after the procedure. I didn't know what he was saying as he was speaking in Spanish the people around me told me that it was me that he wanted up at the stage to look after my brother. This man had never met Greg and I but he knew we were brother and sister this was amazing!

Lifting his Son

Due to Greg's back injury he hadn't been able to lift his son up and hold him in his arms which at the time his son (Liam) was 2 years old. We can't explain how sticking a big clamp up Greg's nose healed his back but it did. The best moment for Greg was when he was finally able to lift and hold his son in his arms.

We should not take what we have for Granted

Its funny how we take for granted things we can do such as lifting and holding one's child; we don't realize how much we miss something until it is gone. We should live each day happy and thankful for what we do have and make the best of it. We shouldn't take anything for granted because we just never know when it can be taken from us.

Dedicated to my kind brother Greg who was good enough to share this experience with me.

Faith Healer

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