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Juicing for health and weight loss.

Updated on August 6, 2014

Fresh pineapple ready to be juiced

When juicing pineapple you will need to cut off outer part of fruit.
When juicing pineapple you will need to cut off outer part of fruit.
Have you ever tried to re-grow pineapple after using it? Follow the simple pictoral instruction if you want to try it.
Have you ever tried to re-grow pineapple after using it? Follow the simple pictoral instruction if you want to try it. | Source

Benefits of Juicing.

For the past two years, I have not only researched the many benefits to juicing and detoxing the body, but have been juicing for my own health and weight loss. In my experience and through reading up on juice fasting, if you decide to fast with juice I would suggest you do the following in preparation before you start on this journey.

  1. Buy a good juicer, I have a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. I love it and have seen no need to purchase a new juicer since I have had it for many years and it has not yet broke down on me.
  2. Start detoxing and eating fully raw for at least a week or longer before attempting to go on a juice fast.
  3. When you do prepare your body by cleaning it out by eating fully raw then start out by just doing a short fast like a three day juice fast and see how you do and feel. Please remember when the body is detoxing you will experience many things including a headache. This is normal.

Make a trip to local market and my advice is try to buy organic but there are some fruits and vegetables you do not have to worry about buying organic. The top that you need to worry about buying organic is apples, pears, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, hot peppers, nectarines, peaches, potatoes, strawberries, spinach, sweet bell peppers, kale, collard greens, zucchini, lettuce, and blueberries. If you are on a budget you can buy these low pesticide fruits and vegetables. Pineapple, avacado, asparagus, mango, papayas, eggplant, cantaloupe, kiwi, cabbage, watermelon, sweet potatoes and grapefruit.

I like to start my morning out with a citrus juice made with either orange and lemon juice or grapefruit juice and add some kale and apple to it. You may try juicing more greens if you are going for weight loss. Some of my favorite juices are the simple carrot and apple juice. Watermelon with mint. Oranges with sweet potatoes. And my summer favorite is strawberry and lemons and an apple to increase the sweetness. It is just like having a strawberry lemonade drink. Yummy!

There are many juices you can discover on the internet and even the famous mean green that many start with, however I was not a big fan.

Most important tip to always remember......

  • Water, drink your water!

Try infused water if you do not like drinking water by itself.

My favorite infused water:

  1. Cucumbers and mint for a refreshing taste
  2. Lemon and ginger root
  3. Apple and cinnamon stick
  4. Strawberry and lemons

If you juice fast for three days and want to continue for more days then please keep going. I have went as long as 30 days.

You ask the question, How much can I lose? You can lose at least a pound a day maybe more depending on each individual, we are all different and some of us may lose more than others may.

Losing weight is only one of the benefits you may experience while on a juice fast, other benefits is restarting your body, cleaning out all the toxins that are in your body. Giving your body a reboot to a healthier body and life.

There are reports to eye sight getting better, check out the video I have included of Kristina from Fully Raw Kristina, she gives you her testimony of how eating fully raw changed her eye color. This video testimony shows you how the power of fruits and vegetables can change your health and body in many ways, on the inside and the out.

You may start to feel an astounding amount of energy that you never felt before, blood pressure, diabetes may improve and you may see yourself getting of some medication you have been on. This all depends on how long a person chooses to juice fast.

The most important thing to remember is to come off your fast eating light fruits and veggies, broths, and salads until body adjusts to eating again.

If you would like to check out my Facebook site on my Juicing journey please search me at "Summer Juice Fast Journey."

If you want to discover these benefits then give juicing a shot and please do it for all the right reasons, your body will thank you.

Information on Benefits Juicing gives you.

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Juice Recipe's

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    • lyns profile image

      lyns 3 years ago from USA

      Hello once again, shabbychicmomma, I truly have enjoyed your writings the flow of your work is so easy to follow and read and very good information, I could taste the fruits for the juice. Great Hub. Voted up & Plus. Have a good one lyns 7314p