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Junk Food And Soft Drinks: A Poor Replacement For Exercise And Relaxation

Updated on May 9, 2012

Junk Food And Soft Drinks

People eat food because they are hungry, bored, tired, stressed or feeling down. Junk food and soft drinks can make you feel better for a short time. You eat the food or drink the soft drinks and you are rewarded. Not only can they improve your mood but they can give you a quick burst of energy. This is one of the reasons they can become addictive. For example people will drink Coke or Pepsi to make them feel more alert. I do it myself sometimes.

The people I know that tend to eat the most junk food are also the people that get very little exercise. I tend to eat more junk food and consume more soft drinks in the winter when I spend less time exercising. Junk food is food that does not provide your body with things it needs. For example chips, cookies, cake and pie.

junk food and soft drinks
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Exercise is a good way to fend off boredom. Why sit around being bored when you can get up and do something interesting. There are lots of fun things you can do if you get moving. Sitting on a couch or chair for hours limits your options. After I started exercising while I watched TV I did not want to go back to just sitting there. Exercising keeps me from getting bored.

The problem with exercise is the pain and the effort required. That is why some people would rather be bored than exercise. With the pain comes pleasure. It can make you feel so good that you begin to like exercising. Exercise works great for reducing stress and improving your mood if you exercise regularly.

While exercise can tire you out it can also give you more energy. Exercising regularly can improve your endurance and provide you with more energy throughout the day. For a quick energy boost you can do some cardio to speed up your heart. People that get a lot of exercise are more energetic than people that do not exercise regularly.

Deep Relaxation

When a person meditates they experience a state of deep relaxation. Some of the results are similar to those achieved through intense exercise. The main difference is that it reduces stress and improves your mood without the pain and physical effort of exercise. It can be a very enjoyable experience and the stress reduction lasts longer than with exercise. The main disadvantage over exercise is that it can be boring.

If you practice and know what you are doing it is a lot easier and faster to meditate than to exercise but most people do not bother to try. There are also forms of moving meditation you can do. Yoga, tai chi and qigong provide your body with exercise and they can be very relaxing. One of the first things I noticed when I started meditating and moving meditation was that I had more energy. I feel energized right away after practicing qigong or tai chi. With meditation I have more energy the next day.

Alternatives To Junk Foods And Soft Drinks

A lot of people that start meditating or exercising on a regular basis lose interest in junk foods and soft drinks. They are bored less often, have more energy, are less stressed and happier. This is especially true when they do both. As a result they do not need junk foods and soft drinks to make them feel better.

The main reasons relaxation and exercise is better than junk food and soft drinks is because it is better for your health and your looks. However it is also better for reducing stress, improving your mood, preventing boredom and increasing energy. I have noticed I eat a lot more when I am exercising a lot but I eat because I am hungry. While I eat more junk when I am not exercising or meditating very often it certainly does not make me feel as good. It is a poor substitute because it does not work very well and it is bad for my health.

I often see people eating junk food and drinking soft drinks that are not very happy. The people eating because they are bored are still bored and the people eating junk foods to make them feel better are not usually very happy or relaxed. Some junk foods and soft drinks do work well for people that want an energy boost but the energy does not last very long.


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