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Just Turn The Dreaded Corner: HOW TO PREVENT EXHAUSTION

Updated on July 16, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis (Get Well)

Investigating the Music of Your Sensual Soul!
Investigating the Music of Your Sensual Soul!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy-Music/Art/Drama/Written Word: An Ineffable Expression of Inexplicable Soul's Yearning for Earth Experience

Emotional Drama is what people thrive on! Whether that drama is secured through glory, (trying to be indispensable in a relationship)vanity (striving to be perfect), sexual fantasy, obsession and/or addiction, obscene thoughts, power, manipulative behavior, emotional control,competition,money,sex (thoughts of being the absolute best in bed), superior attitude, authority (always having to be right), or sickness (real or imagined), it matters little.

People want to feel special. (Whoever told you, you were special, lied.) We are all intricately connected. Everyone is the same...HUMAN!!!

Exhaustion occurs when one loses touch with his counterpoint. "IT'S" all about flowing into/with the sensual sonorous sound soliciting you. A continuous melodious rhythm resonates in perfect unison (including all dissonance) within you at all times. In other words, it's your own unique tone which continually vies for your singular attention..

In order to maintain, preserve and (execute without tiring) your personal strength, you are commanded to learn the life rejuvenating rhythm of that passionate song. No other song will suffice. The shock-absorbing song imbues you with a sense of recognition, realization and reclamation that everything is alright, ALL RIGHT, no matter how outer circumstances appear.

You are given quick glimpses every now and again, to reset your barometer if it has inadvertently wandered off course. In order for your soul to flourish in this life, you must repeatedly check your inner thermostat to gauge if you have ‘frozen up’ or are ‘boiling over’. This inner cosmic temperature has nothing to do with outer events.

Though it does encompass, it is not tied to personal relationships, finances or emotional dilemmas. Your undue concern regarding these matters, in no wise, influences it.The celestial tune calls your name at all times in a sweet melodic 'still voice' of incalculable pleasure, but you refuse to stop talking long enough (inner and out chaotic mental dialogue) to hear it. Your incessant babble drowns out the soothing celestial 'set point' sound.

The cosmic ‘set point’ determines the 'level of lyrical indication' for you to allow natural ONENESS with your life. It will not ever coerce, force or solicit your approval or partnership. The acknowledgment of invitation comes by and through sacred appreciation, only! Yours, alone.

In other words, when you are cosmically ready to receive more insight into yourself and circumstances you will. When you are genuinely, definitively interested in getting to the source, you will find resolution. How receptive and accepting you are at any moment determines the real artistic quality you possess necessary for evolving. You will remain wherever you are until you are capable of turning the corner into unadulterated sagacity.

In order to turn this unabated corner, you will be confronted with a deluge of unsettling emotions. These unadorned emotions trigger reset buttons continuously, using up the available energy. (old tapes) In other words, constant bickering depletes your storehouse of energy when not properly assessed or understood.The magical release occurs when you refuse to identify with these outdated images and cease to be moved by their addictive power any longer.

Rage can be used constructively if channeled properly. (Certainly not against yourself or the other) Rage clears debris and removes blockages. Rage does serve a useful function, but only when one understands that rage is sacred repressed creative musical energy. Start singing. Play an instrument. Hum, turn the music up until you can hear your own notes.

Until you slow down long enough to 'be still', the incalculable misdirected form it chooses to manifest will continue to upset and confuse. Recognize, acknowledge and embrace the signaled undisclosed elements of your personality needing artistic expression. These are latent talents surfacing in distorted ways. While you may think you are busily engaged in many projects and relationships that are stimulating and gratifying, none are fulfilling your deepest sublime, sensual, sexual, artistic musical needs.

Without your conscious elevated musical participation, nothing feeds the soul or interests “IT” in the least. You are only placating your time, pacifying your mind, numbing your body with superficial distractions. That’s why you are tired, bored, disgusted, disgruntled, angry, restless, exhausted and sick (both mentally and physically).

You have misplaced your innate momentum because the direction in which you were headed is shut down. Why do you suppose this is so? It’s time to “turn the corner.” STOP SPINNING WHEELS! Fill your soul with the fresh adventure it craves. Sing!

If YOU can but recognize this temporary turbulence as the doorway into something altogether different but more in line with your personal celestial symphony, more vivacious contributory musical energy will re-surge. You must accept the cosmic truth: You are being guided, gently nudged, to redirect your path; find another more palatable solution.

Stop banging your head against the wall in an effort to continue with your preconceived desired plans. Another door of opportunity stands visible in plain sight but you are too tired to see it. You have allowed yourself to become anesthetized, while at the same time trying to present an interested persona. Give it up!

You expend so much precious vital energy trying to convince yourself that the project, person, issue, or plan is really worth your time, investment, and attention. Wrong. No such boat. Your soul KNOWS and will not settle for anything less than ultimate ‘natural and convenient’ pleasure at all costs.

The question lies before you: IS what you’re presently involved in worth it to you? Are you having fun: the time of your life? Since THESE are the days of your life you’re exchanging. Or, are you so focused on the outcome that you have lost sight of how much energy you are investing and not paying attention to how exhausted you’ve become?

Look at the lines in your face. Do you smile less? When is the last time you laughed out loud? Hard!!! Do you really care about what you’re doing; does it MATTER? Are you living the result or are you waiting for one?

Nothing comes without chains, shackles, inconsistent demands when one has to strive so wretchedly for its attainment. Consequence: LOST youth {innocence} and vibrant sexuality! It is no different than being addicted to a harmful deadly drug of some sort.

The person is not free to act on his own accord. He is driven mercilessly to struggle and achieve. Achieve what? {IF you’re too tired to enjoy the fruits of your labor?} WORK is indeed true joy but not if you don’t LOVE the work. So big deal IF you secure the most, best, fastest, shiniest, prettiest, richest goal offered, what then? “…what profit a man if he gains the whole world if he loses his soul?”

Forget the weight of absolution involved in one’s character, demeanor and pronouncement while in dark pursuit of a meaningless goal. He experiences a feeling of being saddled with countless 'slugs', weighed down, and ferociously obstructed in a tangled netted weave of fibroid energy-vampire sucking tissue. {Not unlike strangling, drowning or suffocating}The more he tries to accomplish the further behind he gets. Mistakes, miscalculations, accidents invade his sacred space and precious mind.

Angered and unmotivated, he spouts off in short-tempered stints of foul-mouthed derision. {Blaming others for his own state of unhappiness and discontent.} What viable measures can he take to get loose from this awful web of self-created despair?

To restore vital life supporting exhilarating robust energy? Refuse to move frantically or hurriedly. Walk slower; observe the trees, birds singing, colors in the sky. Lower the tone of his voice. {Save it for singing} Under no circumstance is he to engage in another 'act of kindness' unless it is completely 'natural and convenient' for him to do.

Do no favors.

Don’t utter another negative sound. If prompted to respond hatefully, smile and laugh until inner resolve shows up. Decrease the bulk of meals; eliminate excessive talking, refuse to be on 24 hour call. Say “NO,” even though it makes him feel uncomfortable. Do not comment on petty matters though accustomed by habit to do so. Limit phone conversations to 3 minutes.

Be aware of sensations when talking. Drink lots of water.Take an Epsom salt and rosemary bath with a lighted pink candle once a week for 6 weeks. Write. Draw. Sing. Dance. LISTEN to MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hum while driving, walking, cleaning, working, showering.

Sing some more. Go to the movies. Eat Cotton Candy; Ice Cream, chew some bubble gum. Whatever brings back that sense of joy and freedom without neurotic fretting worry of what it will do to him IF he does that! Bury him in isolated {meditation} unceasing prayer while awake until the burst of effervescent artistic creation explodes in full musical splendor. Breathe deeply and sensually.

Get into the closet if he must to implore himself for the release of his self-contained stubbornness, delinquent attitude of change and refusal to submit to the turning of the corner. Listen for and turn up the saxophone to squeal out any hint of exhaustion that is draining him.

Fling the windows of his heart and mind open to let Cosmic Divine Rapturous Unending Musical Pleasure into his soul!

Exhaustion results as the undeniable sanctified energy the body uses to fuel repression!

Turn the corner to the next level
Turn the corner to the next level


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