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Just How Dangerous is Excess Belly Fat?

Updated on March 26, 2010

Belly Fat: A Silent Killer

Did you know that most people today are carrying around excess belly fat?  Yes they are!  Even though most of us try to hide it under baggy shirts, it is still there!  Why?  Because many people with excess know that it's ugly and feel self conscious about showing it off.

But, belly fat is more than ugly, it coulld kill you.  Many people do not realize this, but scientific research has determined that fat anywhere on the body can be dangerous, but it is particularly dangerous in the abdominal area.

Basically, there are two types of belly fat.  One type covers the abs and lies directly under the skin but on top of abdominal muscles (subcutaneous fat).

The second type of belly fat is located deeper in the abdomen beneath the muscle that surrounds the stomach cavity organs (visceral fat).  This kind of fat plays a big role in giving men that 'beer belly.'  That protruding belly not only sticks out and in your face, but it is also hard to the touch.

Both of these fats are serious risk factors to your health. However, visceral fat is the most dangerous.  Excess belly fat is risky and leaves you wide open for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, sleep apnea, styrations of cancer and other degerative diseases.

Visceral fat is particularly dangerous because it deposits more inflammatory molecules into your system on a consistent basis. And a new study has determined that inflamation is far more deadly than high cholesterol in causing strokes and heart problems.

If you care about your quality of life expectation and your loved ones, reducing that belly fat should be a top priority!  Besides, when you get rid of that excess belly fat your stomach will once again flatten out.  And, if you dump enough fat, you will notice you actually have abs to display!

So, how can you get rid of that protruding belly?  Is there a solution besides all the gimmicks you see in those television ads?  You know the ones, they guarantee this and that, and promise "miracle" fat loss can be yours overnight!

Well, my friend, get over believing there is a quick fix or a miracle pill.  The real truth is that there are NO quick fixes to losing belly fat.  No pills or supplements of any kind will melt away that fat!  And, those qimmicky ab rockers, rollers, or belts are not gonna do the trick, either.  There is absolutely no way to "spot" reduce belly fat with any of these hype-driven devices.  The body just does not work like that!

The ONLY way to lose belly fat and get rid of it once and for all is by combining a nutritious diet and a strategically designed exercise program.  The diet needs to be full of unprocessed natural foods, and the exercise workout must target and stimulate hormonal and metabolic responses.  In order to get the results you want, the training program and diet are of utmost importance.

In all fairness, a study that included diet-only, and an exercise AND diet program combined, was conducted with a sample of thousands of participants.  Both groups in the study had good success, but the exercise and diet group lost significantly MORE belly fat.

Remember, though,  any exercise program will not necessarily get rid of belly fat!  Even though many people workout, not all are seeing results because they are NOT working out effectively.  Just doing boring cardio workouts, throwing in a bit of weight training, and a few crunches and side bends (for good measure) is not gonna get you there! 

Although many people have good intentions about starting a healthy lifestyle, they fail because the old habits outweigh the difficulty of change.  To say setting out to completely change the way we are used to living is difficult, is a huge understatement.  People not only have to change their routines, but many times this change can affect friendships and social habits.  So, before long, they find themselves doing the exact same things that caused them to have excess belly fat in the first place.

Make up your mind to the fact that, if you really want a healthy looking body, you better be prepared to commit to eating and exercising and doing things differently than most other people. How much is that flat belly and great looking body worth to you? Are you willing to pay the dues required?


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    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      You're right, Ivori.. that visceral fat around the mid section is a killer.


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