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Stay Fit to Live

Updated on October 14, 2015
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Exercise and Healing

“Exercise is the most effective anti aging pill ever discovered.” This is the research of the national health center. We may want to fit exercise into our schedules, but often our busy lifestyles prevent us from being active as we would like, the weeks go by, months add up and before we know it, we have entered another decade just as our lives and lifestyles evolve, so too do our bodies change. What we need to do to keep ourselves fit and healthy in our youth is quite different from the requirements of a more mature body, but whatever your age or the challenges throws at you, there are simple and effective opportunities to be active.
We are less active than our parents were, thanks to the modern gadgets which have made our work easier, efficient and quicker and as a result we get ample of time but we must know how we must utilize our time in a right manner, we see many people- elders, youngsters and ladies sitting in front of their television set watching serials and useless program for long hours continuously which adds more flab on their body and in this manner becomes obese and this obesity causes diseases like hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis and even heart attacks at very young age, making exercise our daily routine can improve our health, fitness and our body shape.
Health organizations have set out simple guidelines to promote health and longevity and those are:
- Get adequate sleep.
- Eat good breakfast.
- Eat regular meal and avoid snacks.
- Control your weight.
- Abstain from smoking.
- Drink moderately.
- Exercise regularly.
With fitness awareness on the rise, many parents know that children need activity just as much as adults do. The problem is discovering just what kind of exercise is appropriate for bodies that are still growing.
Obesity is the mother of many serious ailments. It causes major disorders in all the systems of the human body. This has to be taught to our children from childhood we must cultivate the habit of exercising right from childhood, teach them the value of good body, they must encourage to take up some sports action so that they can enjoy and keep themselves fit. We must also teach them and explain just as we brush our teeth, take our bath daily and observe our daily routine or exercise has to be done daily.
At times we see many ageing lines on our face we go to cosmetologist to erase these lines and pay hefty amount. This surgery and injections are temporary relief to the permanent problems so for a permanent solution to this problem is exercise. Exercise improves not just our health, fitness and body appearance, but also our well- beings.
A fat person is often made targets of fun, gossip and ridicule among friends and in society as a result, they develop inferiority complex or suffer other psychological disorders. They lack self confidence and find it difficult to mix with people and then find comfort in eating.
Proper diet and proper exercise is the key to good health and shapely body. To lose a pound of body weight you need to burn 3,500 calories. The more frequently and more intensely you exercise the more calories you burn and exercise includes everyday activities such as mopping, gardening, cleaning etc. if one is moderately active everyday one can burn 150 calories or about 1,000 calories a week. A combination of exercise and chores gives you variety. If one wants to keep their daily exercise interesting one must keep on changing their daily pattern of exercise as for instance on first day one takes to dancing on any music for half an hour on second day one can take a walk in the garden which can keep one fresh, on third day one can do normal exercise by raising their hands stretching and bending their body, doing yoga and other floor exercises. Do not be lazy by missing out a single day. In between all this one must not forget to drink plenty of water or other sport fluids because dehydration can hinder your strength, cool water is absorbed faster than warm water. Diluted fruit juice or sports drink provide
Carbohydrates and fluids for exercise that last more than one hour.
Before exercise a proper warm up should involve a light aerobic workout which puts our major joints such as hips, knees, shoulders and spine through the motion. It prepares us physically and mentally.
Daily when one wakes up one must ask the question that, do you at least take 10 minutes of our time each day to exercise? If the answer is negative than it would be better to start then onwards. Do not be lazy. Health is wealth if one is healthy one has everything; the exercise of walking and jogging in the garden is convenient to all. Walking long distance early morning and inhaling fresh air makes the body, mind and soul healthy and pure. If one is overweight one can lose just 10% of the body weight will bring improvement in health and bring control on other diseases.
Research suggests that exercise generally improves mood and regular moderate exercise has been found to be as effective as medication and psychotherapy in combating depression, even 20 minutes walk in open space can reduce stress and change brain wave frequency to the more stress reducing alpha waves.


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