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Keep Doing What You Are Doing! Walking the Human Path of Relationships

Updated on March 26, 2012

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Cosmic Track To...
Cosmic Track To...

MODE of Cosmic Therapy; Pulling Yourself Together

Keep doing what you are doing! How could you possibly do anything else? Believe me, you do. Although there is no logical reason, you, and countless others, spend their lives doing anything but… Why???

Because mortals simply will not be satisfied, concentrated, focused, attentive, and fully involved in the moment, ‘doing what they are doing.’

Another more engaging thought captures the attention, an uncompleted project fuels their partial consideration, an unresolved relationship bleeds into the mind bringing with it more questions/solutions and/or justifications/ramifications, stray words diffuse the concentration, while the body busily tries to disperse of the needless disconnection by warranted unrest.

IF it were possible to ‘keep doing what you are doing’, no longer would you find your life separated by fractured unsettled pieces. You would flow like the water as it gently moves in the direction of the irrefutable source without concern for barriers, restraints, and/or seeming complications.

As water seeks its own level, so too would you be resolved to the ideal moment at hand {no matter the supposed contrary conditions} instead of busily engaged in unproductive chattering of the divided mind. In all actuality, the mind is never really divided, it is the emphasis you place on flitting thoughts that causes it to appear disjointed.

Without your persistence to compare, compete, analyze, and revisit outdated memories, you could, in fact, become so aware that lingering unanswered questions would dissolve in the twinkling blink of an eye lash.

Why? [Because no longer will you need to forecast what will be and ‘what if’.] No longer will you be besieged by an unending irresolute resolve to ‘come out on top.’ You will know your position and velocity of which you are traveling at the same time breaking one of the fundamental laws of physics.

Whichever way you WANT to go!

One resonance;listen to it.

You are always and forever guided by an undeniable magnetic pull (force) which is no doubt artistic in nature and sexual in administration. You are equal to the task set before you but you must recognize the regents in disguise at work.

These subdued and sublimated faces are no more than the layers of undigested personality in yourself you have discounted and denied. Keep doing what you are doing so that you may meet yourself in a new realm of unsuspecting activity.

Your sublime sexual artistic depth demands the illuminating experiences found in each ordinary moment. These unrevealed moments form a tapestry of magical thread woven into a cosmic network of operations unable to meld together unless each step is transversed accordingly.

You are not to escape the endless to possibilities but embrace them. You are not to look further beyond what is happening but ‘keep doing what you are doing.’

As the soothsayers moan and groan of a will full of travail turn not a vented ear, but ‘keep doing what you are doing.’ When such a powerful occult esoteric secret is manifested for you in plain sight what will you choose to do? Ignore? Discredit? Refute?

An indescribable snowball effect will take place with such unaccounted momentum of talent yet unexpressed and realized in the midst of your refusing to be pushed, pulled, prodded or coerced. Keep dong what you are doing! And, will ‘they’ call you lazy, unmotivated, insane, insensitive and uninspired [maybe even depressed}. Why!

Of course ‘they’ will but to no avail. Keep doing what you are doing! Your path will open the subsequent room in your palace naturally and conveniently. You are not to explain, defend, excuse or clarify your position.

No limit is set upon the acute awareness extended while you are busily engaged doing what you are doing. The unsuspicious moment is energized with incalculable potential as long as you drop all presupposed suppositions and wildly fabricated personal interpretations.

The instant you add or take away (mentally) any smidgen of the event, you have distorted the occurrence and it no longer remains what it was before you defied it with your perverted emotions.

The question set before you: Can you keep doing what you are doing? {Leaving behind all expectation, demands, anticipation and desired outcome.} That which is unknown motivates you to no end. When it becomes known, you disperse of it immediately for the next concealed vision.

You are in an ever non-ceasing prodigious unpeeling of serendipitous layers. No matter what confronts or summons you: “Keep doing what you are doing!”

Be Where Your Feet Are!

When you become so absorbed into the moment, nothing else but the moment exists bringing with it total freedom. No longer will you be preoccupied with the other, or the outer circumstances which seem to thwart you at every turn. The one place you refuse to go is the ONLY place to go: “keep doing what you are doing.”

You are not to look back, sideways or ahead. Remain firmly planted, placing one foot in front of the other without thought of where your steps will take you. Eliminate rhyme and reason for the wolf of because has consumed the fly of reason when you “keep doing what you are doing.”

The because wolf howls without recall!

Stop looking sideways, and backwards; straightway ahead!

Keep Doing What You Are Doing!
Keep Doing What You Are Doing! | Source


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