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Keep on Moving on

Updated on May 4, 2012

I keep holding on I need to let go

Keep on moving on is where I need to be

I want to let go but I keep holding on

Holding on to what can never be

Is it more to this life or is there something

greater in store for me

Sometimes I want to just give up if this is all that

i have to live for

The life I see befoe my eyes is not a life I'm willing to live for

Keep on holding on is not where I want to be

Its so hard to breathe

Just waking and realizing I'm still in this place

Falling behind I've lost this race

With no where to go, no where to turn

All the hope I had to live for is gone

Anxiety takes over me, crippling and agonizing

Tears fall and my heart dies

Each waking hour drains the life out of me

What do I have to keep moving on too

Letting go is that my destiny

If I shall die before I wake

To turn back time, is it too late

Why can't I let go of this

These feelings bring pain and heartache

Desire to rip my heart out

My dreams turn into doubt

My love turn into hate

Yearning for the life I can appreciate


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