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Keeping A Loved One's Memory Alive

Updated on April 6, 2011

Happy Photo Memories!

Terril and our son, Virgil enjoying eats together.
Terril and our son, Virgil enjoying eats together. | Source
A happy day with his dad, looking out across the San Francisco Bay together.
A happy day with his dad, looking out across the San Francisco Bay together. | Source

Remembering Your Loved One in a Healthy Way

Today is April 1, 2011: Happy April Fool's Day! My favorite April fool was born this day 54 years ago and he went on to "The Other Side" about four and a half months ago, just before Thanksgiving. He was my one true love, my soul mate, my husband and father to my children.

We are entering into this day with a happy and bittersweet sentiment, my kids and I. For the past week we have been missing him, of course, and also coming up with ideas to celebrate "Dad's Birthday".

Many people who have lost a loved one are at such odds with the pain of the loss that they forget to celebrate what they had with the person. That person's life deserves to be celebrated and remembered in a positive, healthy way. In a way that will also celebrate your life as well. Today I am offering some ideas your way that might help you in this process.

Sylvia Browne wrote in her book, "The Other side and Back," that many people will remember their loved ones by leaving flowers on their graves. She points out that the flowers are beautiful and will be enjoyed mostly by the other people leaving flowers on the graves of their loved ones. What most people do not realize is that your loved one will most likely "...ride to the cemetery with you, and they'll ride back home with you, wishing you hadn't left all those lovely flowers behind..."

Healthy, Life Enhancing Ways to Celebrate the Life of a Lost Loved One

My children and I have been coming up with ways all week long to honor their father. We'd like to share these ideas with you here.

♥ Buy flowers for your loved one and keep them in their favorite vase (if they have one)

♥ Every time you pass by the flowers, tell your loved one out loud that you love them!

♥ Buy their favorite lunch, such as an In-N-Out Burger Double Double and put it on the table when you eat lunch, as if they are sitting there with you. They will most likely be sitting there with you. They will not be able to eat the food, but they can sense it and enjoy the energy of it. Some Native American tribes believe that the Spirits can actually smell food too.

♥ Go out and celebrate your loved one's life by eating at their favorite restaurant on their birthday. While there, tell funny stories about the person and laugh as much as you possibly can!

♥ Go to the park and fly a kite if the wind is right. Tie a little note of love to the person onto the string. Imagine that they can read it while the kite is flying in the air. Run, laugh, enjoy the wind and Sun on your face and know that they are right there with you, enjoying the day also.

♥ Write an email and send it to their old email address! (If it comes back a "mailer daemon" please note that this is most likely not a reflection on where they might be... LOL!)

♥ Handcraft a lovely letter to the person, telling them how you feel, finish telling them anything that was left unsaid between you. You can save this or mail it to "Heaven". The post office will definitely deliver it to the "Dead Letter Office". (LOL)

♥ Celebrate their Birthday with their favorite cake or even pie, if that is more appropriate.

♥ Play their favorite video games or go out and enjoy their favorite activity. Maybe they liked to ride a bike through the park, play Wii dancing games, yoga, concerts, or bowling?

No matter what you decide to do, invite your loved one along, out loud. Sylvia Browne says that spirits can hear us when we speak to them. They are never too far away. They are most likely sitting behind you right now as you read this and are thinking of them! Also, remember that you are also to have as much fun as possible as this is a celebration of life, so please by all means do activities that you also enjoy. If you had a favorite activity that you used to do together, that may be the best choice.

Bottom line: celebrate your own life in the process! We are here for such a short time and we need to get out there, do as much as we can to enjoy ourselves while we can. When we pass on to "The Other Side" we will have amazing stories to share with all our loved ones who passed before us.



Mermaid Girl!

PS. I dedicate today's blog to Terril D. Starks born April 1, 1957, died November 20, 2010. Loving dedicated Father, Great husband, Terrific Best Friend, & the Biggest April Fool out there!


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