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Keeping an Online Pregnancy Journal

Updated on May 27, 2009
Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson is a mother and writer, passionate about healthcare and education for women and children.

A lot of women want to document the experience of pregnancy. Whether you want to record every bout of heartburn and each inch you gain around the waist, or rather just take a picture once a month, you might want to consider keeping an online journal. The more detail you include, the more meaningful the journal will be when you wan to look back on your pregnancy in the future. Using an online pregnancy journal allows you to collect as much information as you want of the sometimes wonderful, sometimes miserable nine months of pregnancy.

Keeping track of things on paper is one way that women typically document their pregnancies, but a newer, more interactive option is the online pregnancy journal. They are usually free, and they are easy to use for almost anyone with a little computer experience.


Benefits of Keeping an Online Pregnancy Journal

The benefits of documenting your pregnancy milestones online are many:

It is interactive, sort of like a social media for pregnant women. You can share and track pregnancy milestones with others at your stage. This creates the opportunity to bond with other pregnant women, some of whom live in other countries. However, you could be making potential life-long friends.


  • You have the option to make the journal public to share with friends and family, sharing ultrasound photos and uploaded photos of your expanding belly.
  • You can share your ultrasound in an “ultrasound gallery.”
  • Option to continue the journal after birth, making memories of pregnancy, childbirth and infancy preserved beyond printed photographs.
  • There are personalized templates to choose from, just as if you were creating your own blog or website.
  • Share your nursery design (wallpaper, bedding, etc) samples, and incorporate them into the page design, if you wish.
  • List needed nursery items, either for yourself or for an upcoming baby shower.
  • Share photos of nursery progress from beginning to end.
  • Inventory the foods you are craving at the time.
  • Include a calendar to mark down the days to delivery.
  • Make birth announcements with your journal.
  • Print the entire journal for binding as a keepsake.

As with many online applications these days, the online pregnancy journal is a totally modern way to document the milestones of your pregnancy - one which won’t be lost or burned or ruined with a coffee spill! It’s one that you can access from any computer, anywhere with your password – you can make updates from work on while on vacation. Basically, it’s easy, fun and best of all, free to create an online pregnancy journal. So get started!


Online Pregnancy Journal Services

Here are some great online resources for starting your own pregnancy journal:


  • (hosts online journals)
  • (tons of info on all things pregnancy)
  • (pregnancy info and hosts online journals)

Image Credit: luri fernandes, Flickr



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  • SharkFuel profile image

    SharkFuel 6 years ago

    It is very important to keeping an online pregnancy journal and control health during all pregnancy period. The only question I have about pregnacy - how to avoid flu during pregnacy. I know that it is dangerous to have diseases especially within the first 3 months of pregnacy. Are there any helpful tips and recommendations in these regards?

  • tectonic profile image

    tectonic 7 years ago from Singapore

    Fruitful write-up that you have presented.

    Great job!

  • profile image

    Pregnancy Journals 7 years ago


    I completley agree with you about journaling. I love journaling. Like you've stated, it's very therpeautic; allowing you to write about feelings allowing you to get it out of your head and somewhere else. It's like talking to your best friend without fearing that you will be judged. I started journaling at a really early age and not only is it a great tool for thinking out loud, it documents events that occurs in your life.

    Memory does fade with time. Journaling documents that event/feeling while it's strong and fresh in your mind. I started an online journal when I was pregnant with both my children. Journaling allowed me to go back during my 2nd pregnancy and remind me of all the wonderful things or discomforts that happened. I was reminded of all the medical appointments and statistics as well. I've commemorated these magical 9 months without realizing it.

    Creating your own online pregnancy journal is not that tough. I'm not a techie or anything, but have figured out how to do it on Wordpress and own my own domain. If anyone is interested in doing this, give me a shout out at my website and I'll send you some information.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Neil Ashworth profile image

    George Poe 7 years ago from United Kingdom

    That's really good info, thanks for sharing. Very good piece of writing.