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Kegel Exerciser - Strengthen Pelvic Muscles with Kegel Exercises

Updated on November 30, 2010

Kegel Exercises

It's not uncommon for women to practice kegel exercises after childbirth or to help aid urinary problems, but sometimes

Just remember that the goal is to strengthen and tighten the muscles at the floor of the pelvis. These muscles are those used during urination, bowl movements, intercourse, and childbirth. Sometimes after surgery, childbirth, weight problems, and other medical issues, the muscles can weaken and loosen.

In order to maintain strong and tight muscles, kegel exercises are great. Typically, you'll find kegel exercises are recommended for:

  • Expecting mothers to help aid in childbirth recovery and relieve pelvic muscle pain
  • Relieving urinary incontinence
  • Reaching multiple O's
  • Improving sexual health
  • Toning the vagina

Most doctors recommend about 20 reps an exercise session with a 10 second pause in-between sessions, but sometimes just isn't enough, and when doing it yourself just isn't enough, you may want to consider purchasing a kegel exerciser. There are different exercisers that you can purchase depending on what exactly you are looking for and what exactly you want to put into it.

Kegal Smart Balls

These balls stimulate, massage, and train the muscles. They have a back-and-forth motion that varies from gentle to intensive.

There are different types of smart balls for women, and each are made from hygenically safe material. They are durable and easy to clean, which is definitely something that you want.

To use the smart balls, you insert them into the vagina. Beginners should only wear them for short periods, but work up to all day long. The balls are typically oval shaped for easy insertion, and contain a retrieval string for easy removal. The Kegel smart balls move with each step and movement to help strengthen your the pelvic floor muscles and train the vagina. When you purchase a smart ball, you receive more detailed instructions and lubricant.

GyneFlex Kegel Exerciser

Although, this type of exerciser looks a little scary, it's been proven highly effective at tightening the pelvic muscles. This type of vaginal exerciser comes in different strengths. Many women just start at regular, but some may want to start with light.

The regular strength pelvic exerciser is great for strengthening, while the firm exerciser is better for maintaining. Some women regularly exercise with the regular strength and finish their daily routine with firm. It really all depends on what you want to do and how tight you want your muscles and what you feel you need.

  • Light Strength is recommended for women who have had three or more children, are post-menopausal, who have had bladder repair surgery, and/or suffer from moderate-to-severe incontinence.
  • Regular Strength is recommended for women ages 28 to 52.
  • Firm Strength is recommended for women ages 18 to 27, who have never had children, vaginal surgery, or incontinence.

These exercisers have been proven very effective at improving vaginal control, urinary control, and other womanly needs. The product is very easy to use, and you receive an easy-to-read instructional.

Stainless Kegelcisor

The stainless steel Kegelcisor is made to help strengthen your pelvic muscles. When you insert the cool exerciser, your muscles will contract naturally. It's recommended to use the product about 7 to 10 minutes every other day.

Kegel Exerciser Set

This particular set comes with 4 different sizes so that you can train your pelvic muscles without causing too much strain all at once. It's a great way to naturally strengthen and  tone you muscles.

You can use the products for both men and women; although, you'll find more women using the kegel exercisers than you will men.

Pelvic Muscle Trainer

You should never be ashamed about kegel exercises. There are many, many women who perform them on a daily basis while you're sitting there having lunch and a good conversation, and you don't even know it.

Kegal exercises are great for toning and strengthening the muscles that get well used and worn over time. The exercisers, whether the smart balls or another exercisers, help you improve your exercises and strength.

You always want to start small and light, and work your way up.

The muscle trainer is a complete program that teaches you how to do effective kegel exercises. If you can control your muscles you can improve your bladder problems and sexual concerns.


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    • wavegirl22 profile image


      8 years ago from New York, NY

      ah the benefits of the Kegel . .and thanks for reminding me . the day is almost over and I nearly forgot to do my reps today!


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