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Keto and Me! Week 4 and 5

Updated on September 8, 2019

Week four was pretty uneventful. My favorite dinner this week was a taco salad. It felt like a cheat meal. I was able to put sour cream it. It was SO good. I used carb free seasoning. I started to notice my clothes getting looser. My face was getting thinner. This week I lost 5 more pounds in the beginning of the week. But then towards the end of the week, the scale said I had gained two pounds. Which didn't make any sense to me because I was eating healthy. My jeans were getting looser. I chalked it up to water weight, this week I had been drinking a lot of water.

Week five was such a long slow week. I lost the two pounds I gained during week four. But then didn't lose any more. It was like I lost a week of losing weight, when I didn't cheat. I was feeling discouraged. I know during keto, the scale sometimes doesn't change and you can go through a healing phase. Or the scale can go up and down. I am getting addicted to checking my weight so I think I might put my scale away for a month, so I don't get discouraged anymore. Every where else in my body I can feel that I am losing weight.


One night we took our kids to a water park. The kids wanted to go down this slide which has a 4 person tube. We waited in line, for which seemed like forever. When we finally got up to the top of the slide, I realize they are weighing people before they let them go down. My heart sank. The line behind us is long with so many people. My anxiety kicks in. Do I get weighed in front of everyone, for the life guard to tell me I weigh to much? Then I would have to do the walk of shame in front of all these people, because I am overweight. Or do I just turn around and disappoint my kids? I tell my husband my concern. He tells me there is no way, I weigh too much. In my head I knew this. But my anxiety made me think otherwise. Before I knew it we were next, and I was heading to the scale. I step on. My heart races. The life guard smiles and gives me a thumbs up! A huge wave a relief comes over me, we all climb into the tube and get pushed down the slide.


Also during week five, my dad ended up in the hospital. His heart was beating irregular. They had to preform a procedure that shocked his heart back into normal rhythm. I spent two days at the hospital with him. I came home to changed and grab keto friendly snacks. Sausage sticks, cheese, and Parmcrisp were my life saver. The hospital cafeteria was full of carbs and junk food. Pizza, hamburgers, chicken strips, chips and sandwiches. I ordered a keto coffee at Starbucks. (grande Iced americano, 1 pump sugar free vanilla, 1 pump sugarfree cinnamon dolce, 1 packet stevia, light heavy whipping cream)

They put my dad on a heart healthy diet. My dad spoke to a dietitian and she was telling my dad to basically eat everything the opposite of keto. No butter, no full fat anything, no red meat..... She told him to make sure to eat low fat or non fat everything. I kept my mouth shut while she was in the room. But I was thinking, a dietitian should know, that low fat and non fat products are pumped with sugar. In no way could be good for anyone, and possibly dangerous. As long as the fats you are eating are healthy, you can actually lower your blood sugar, and improve your cardiovascular risk.

My favorite meal during week five was Keto chicken strips. After seeing them in the hospital cafeteria, they were on my mind. So, I was determined to make a keto version. I cut chicken breast into strips. (about six strips to a pound) Rolled them in almond flour, dipped them in egg, and coated them with crushed pork rinds. Then I cooked them in my air fryer for about 20 minutes. They tasted just as good as any restaurant chicken strip. 2 strips were 355 calories, 17g of fat, 1 net carb. I served them with G Hughes sugar free honey mustard, and roasted radishes.

During week four, I lost five pounds. But gained back two. Week five I lost the two I gained but didn't lose any more. For a total of 20 pounds of weight loss in five weeks. Follow my keto journey at


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