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Key Differences Between Indica and Sativa You Should Know Before a Purchase

Updated on November 20, 2017

Cannabis is not just a recreational drug anymore. Thanks to free media, diligent research and honest efforts, various medical and psychological benefits of cannabis and its various forms are coming into light.

There is a lot of debate amongst weed enthusiasts when it comes to defining strains and tracking experience. Essentially, most cannabis strains are hybrids produced by mixing the two major forms of cannabis: Sativa and Indica.

Weed strains contain one of the kinds in dominant value while other in lesser volume. Each strain has its own range of effect on the body and the mind including unique mental and health benefits.

It is important to know what you are smoking or ingesting

I say this because our bodies are unique and react differently to different chemical experiences. It can be that the Sativa strain suits someone better than the Indica strain and VICE VERSA.

Cannabis Indica are generally short and wide in growth in comparison to Cannabis Sativa which grow tall and thin.

If you are an enthusiast who likes to grow his own herb then going with the Indica strain is a wise option. Indoor growing is easier with the Indica plant because of their shorter growth potential.

If you are into outdoor growing then Sativa plants are best as they provide artistry to your greens and grow as high as 25 feet sometimes!

There is a difference in the high attained from both strains

Cannabis Indica will give you a strong high that is intoxicating (in a positive way). It will make you sleepy and aids in deep relaxation. Ideal for those looking for proper rem sleep and heavy rest!

Strains with dominant Indica implants have a strong sweet or sour smell. Take the Kush strain for instance that provides a relaxing and strong high.

Such strains help with problems like anxiety, body pain and sleeping disorders! They are used to treat insomnia in many people. Medical marijuana patients commonly smoke Indica buds late in the evening or right before bed.

Cannabis Sativa is known to give you an energetic and uplifting high!

Strains that are dominant in Sativa will have a grassy smell. They give you a high that fuses in more cerebral energy and provides mental rush and uplifting. If you are a creative professional like a writer or a musician or a painter then this is what you need to make your spirits going.

It is ideally smoked during the day. It is known to spark creative ideas and artistic creations. You get a strange feeling of well-being that helps your self-esteem. It increases your focus and fights depression.

The most popular Indica strains currently include Kush, Northern Lights and White Widow, and popular sativa strains include Purple Haze, and Mauwie Wauwie.

Finding pure Indica and Sativa strains is possible but difficult

Most marijuana strains are a mixture of the two with one being more dominant. This is ideally done for medicinal purposes as both have unique benefits that can be of medical use at the same time.

Common rumors that you should avoid

Many a times marijuana growers and cannabis enthusiasts are misled by dealers with wrong information about how tall they will grow, their boom phases and high experiences.

That is why it is important to get your facts right!

Each strain has its own effect when it comes in contact with human chemistry. Therefore, you should not go to smoke with a pre-disposition about the kind of experience you will have.

In conclusion, the most accurate thing to say is that most of the times when you are interacting with marijuana you are experiencing a mixture of both Indica and Sativa.

The Sativa dominant strains will grow taller and have a larger boom phase while the Indica dominant strains will grow shorter, denser and have a shorter boom phase.

Both provide experiences that can be enjoyed or put to good use. However, if you come across a strain that says something else and gives you a totally different experience, don’t be surprised. After all, it’s all chemistry!

If you want to be purist and enjoy the riches pure Indica and Sativa strains provide then you can fish for seeds, genetically cloned buds grown from a pure strain or something that has not been hybridized.

Until then, the best case is to know whether your stash is dominant in the Indica stream and will knock you out on the couch or its Sativa dominant and will make your creative imaginations come to life!

© 2017 Jessee R


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