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Kickbike - The Alternate To Exercise Training

Updated on April 14, 2017

I think I have the only Kickbike in Columbus,OH. I was having trouble adjusting the brake and I took it to a major bike shop, and they had NEVER seen one. I was intrigued when I read a short article...


I first saw this unique contraption in a magazine professing it to be the ultimate vehicle for Senior Citizens to exercise with. I wanted one! It took me some time to save up for one, but when I had enough, I ordered it from California.

The tires want to go flat within a week, so I got a tire pump to fill them up when I decide to use the Kickbike... I keep telling myself I need to do it more often. So, since it's gotta be somewhere, I incorporated it into the decorating plans for my new bedroom. But I should probably have new tires because no one seems to know what's wrong with them.

I found a marvelous article when I was searching for the Kickbike that claimed it was the best exercise for Seniors. I lost that information when I lost my web servicer, but the thing I recalled was how lightweight the Kickbike is. You can just pick it up and carry it anytime you need to. And you use it like you would a bike, but it does not stress muscles like biking does.

The City Cruiser

This is the unit I have.  Tiana
This is the unit I have. Tiana

I Ultimately Found More Information...

I have a sister who runs. I would like to see her take up the Kickbike for training... This summer, she ran in a marathon on June 22nd and she damaged about 5 bones in her knee and still ran a few miles without knowing it, until she finally collapsed.

If she were to train on the Kickbike she would not have the high impact exercise actual running would have and work her legs enough to only run in the competition. Maybe it looks strange, but it was invented by a medical student, Hannu, in Helsinki, Finland. He modified a scooter with a flat bed between two tires, the front one larger than the back.

After Roger Behrendt began marketing Kickbikes to personal trainers and physical
therapists in the United States last year, Kickbikes also started appearing
beneath the feet of recreational athletes. (They are on sale at and selected bike stores.) There are four models ranging
from the City Cruiser for the commuter to the Millennium Racer, which has hit a
top speed of 60 m.p.h. downhill. Wearing a helmet is, of course, a good idea.

Dr. Dean Cosgrove, a 15-time Hawaiian Ironman finisher and an exercise
physiologist, swears by his Kickbike because he can do outdoor miles with none
of running's pounding or cycling's long hours in a set position. And at 45 he
likes the way alternating his kicking leg increases his balance and spinal
flexibility. "I've had my 75-year-old dad on it," he added, "but my two teenage
daughters have a blast with it, too."

Jim Delzer, a physical therapist who has kicked across America, has his own
theory: Kicking backward loosens his legs. "My knees actually feel better after
a hard kick workout, like I've just done yoga."

The Creator, Hannu

This is one of the racers.  It's called Millennium.
This is one of the racers. It's called Millennium.

An Alternate Fitness Tool

The Kickbike is a versital training vehicle for all sorts of sports, such as running, that doesn't damage the muscles as the actual sport does. This includes even biking/racing. There are also actual Kickbike races being held in various countries, including the USA. They started in Europe and the Netherlands and the competition is called Eurocups. They have actual world records for these races.

Training On A Kickbike

There are various techniques to training on a Kickbike. One must alternate between the two legs somewhere between 3 to 10 kicks per leg. The experts call them 'Heel Roll' or 'Hop Step'. I think I do something in between them. Of course, you kick to make the bike go forward just like a regular scooter. I never had one as a kid, so this was actually new to me. Downhill is easy. You don't have to kick.

What Muscle Groups Are You Using?

You use some of the same muscles in running or biking. On the Kickbike, the standing leg uses mostly the quadriceps and lower leg muscles, technical names - tibialis, gastrocnemius and soleus. Meanwhile the leg you are kicking with is like a pendulum swinging from the hip and stimulates the glutes, hamstring and calf muscles. It also stimulates arm and abdominal muscles.

Who Could or Should Use a Kickbike?

Anybody. From light exercise to intense cardio fitness, or crusing the town on bike paths or going to work, the Kickbike is ideal because of the low impact of kicking. It makes it a great cross-training tool for mature atheletes who might have to give up their sport because of knee or hip problems, as with my sister. Being so light weight makes it ideal for any age group, especially Seniors.

Deco For My New Bedroom

When I first got my Kickbike I would carry it in my car to a large empty
parking lot and practice maneuvers there. (I didn't want my neighbors to see me
until I got good at it. Guess what... my neighbors haven't seen it yet...) But, you know, I've got it, and when I take a notion, I'll get good at it!

This shows the Kickbike in comparison to a bike.
This shows the Kickbike in comparison to a bike.

Tiana Dreymor

Copyright Vista 15

September 14, 2013


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    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      5 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Hi, Rich.

      Thank you for your comments. I've seen folding scooters, but never used one. The Kickbike is lightweight, too. It only weighs about 6 pounds and you can easily tote it anywhere you can't be riding it...

      I haven't followed the Kickbike tours at all since before I actually got mine. I couldn't find the information I had seen on the ones in the US, so I have no idea when/where or whatever. Glad you enjoyed the article.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice article, this is thinking forward! Funnily enough, the Amish make adult size scooters too. The are heavier and made for flatter terrain. Kickbike is a brand of footbike. I enjoy footbiking on a smaller scooter with two 12.5" wheels. The handlebar folds down, so it's easy to transport. Mine is a Sidewalker Atom. I kick for recreation cross-training and am faster than I can run plus the downhills and coasting forever are fun. You don't get to coast while running. Standing up I feel tall and have a commanding view all around. There are other makers in the Czech Republic; Mibo, Kostka and Yedoo. In 2013 a group footbiked on their Kickbikes the entire Tour de France route! This year 2015 this same Czech team will do Paris-Roubaix which is a notoriously difficult bicycle race.

      The one scooter I want is the Swfty made in UK. It's got ideal proportions with two 16" wheels and the right footboard size, height and ground clearance. Those smaller wheels make it responsive and light. It's not availabe in the US, so I am staying on my Atom.

    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Sorry Suzanne, I missed this... I can just see you biking with your dogs!

      I'm glad I'm the first to know about your mule... I have NO idea how you ride one... I'll be watching your Hubs for info... LOL!

    • justmesuzanne profile image


      7 years ago from Texas

      Interesting! I don't think I want one, but it's good to see fun exercise equipment designed for mature people. As soon as I can get some new tires, I'll be back on the bike I bought from the teenager next door, tearing around town with my two big dogs. I also just recently got a riding mule. I'm going to start riding again after a 30 year break as soon as we finish up his ground work (habituation, gentling, walking, trust building, etc.) You are the first to know! :D

      Voted up and interesting!

    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      You are welcome! I don't have a helmet, but I do have the gloves without finger tips... Haha...

    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 

      7 years ago from United States


      My husband and I have found cycling in the evening to be a great past time and stress reliever. We have new bike paths and he just purchased for me a bike - after 20 years I haven't ridden! And yes, I am wearing my helmet and now my neighbors are cycling and wearing helmets. I must confess, the fashionista in me had to have the helmet match! Now I am searching for the cycling shirts for that we can add the walkie talkies to our bike rides. One chapter at a time.

      The kick bike is fascinating. The recumbent bicycle I have never tried and now I must try the kick bike. Thank you for sharing the information.

    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      My SISTER?!

      Wow. I didn't say damaged the knee. I said damaged about 5 bones... but thank you for clarifying that. Would you like me to change it?

      I am just so happy you are on your feet again! And I am so proud of you. I think you would like the Kickbike. I do! Especially on my night stands...

      Your Sister, too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Love ya,


    • profile image

      Your sister 

      7 years ago

      FYI - I didn't damage my knee - I broke my tibia near the head of the bone, splintered down about two to three inches and had numerous stress fractures along the shin. My left knee got impinged at 45 degrees, because of the cast and brace. I went to physical therapy to regain range of motion. My knees are sore now because the muscles have atrophied while I was healing. Each day I'm improving and I expect to climb stairs without pain soon. I am using a stationary bike as part of my exercise. Perhaps on day, I will check out this Kickbike.


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