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Kidney Cancer: Here Today - Gone Tomorrow With Remarkable Procedure CRYOABLATION

Updated on October 12, 2015

On the tenth anniversary of my first encounter with cancer another tumor was discovered, This time on my kidney, My previous experience was classified as an advanced adenocarcinoma of the bladder (bladder cancer). It had advanced to a dangerous state. I was left with only one option - to remove my bladder completely so that it would not spread into any adjoining areas. My oncologist at the University of Michigan removed my bladder and with it my prostate gland. She then went on to create a fully functioning neobladder from my intestine. I dutifully went through my bi annual check ups and after 5 years, I was declared cancer free … or so I thought

As I mentioned, on the exact day of the tenth anniversary of my first cancer, a new tumor was discovered. How it was discovered was a stroke of luck and a combination of the right circumstances.

I visited my GP as I do every year for my annual physical. All was well including all my labs, BP and the rest of my vitals - including my kidney function. My doctor thought I should have my lower body cavity examined as it had been 5 years. Since I had no indications of any problems, I was reluctant to have a CT scan done. It took some convincing but I finally agreed to more testing.

Kidney problems usually show up with the presence of blood in the urine, pain in the flanks, lower back and a few other subtle warning signs. I had none of those signs. But to satisfy my wife and my general practitioner, I agreed to the tests.

A week later, my physician called me with the surprising news. I smugly expected an all clear message. But to my surprise, I indeed had what was almost certainly a cancerous tumor on my kidney commonly referred to as a renal carcinoma. If you have ever dealt with the Big C before, you are aware of the ominous thoughts that fill your mind and the sinking feeling you feel down in your gut.

I did a lot of research on my tumor before my follow up appointment with the oncologist. The possible options that faced me were partial or full nephrectomies which translated into full or partial removal of the kidney along with the tumor. Some of the web videos I had watched showed some massive cutting of the body to get at the cancer. I hoped that was not what was in store for me.

There were also a couple of minimally invasive procedures including a robotic approach that would require only minor incisions. Things were looking up

Kidney Treatment

Kidney Cancer Treatment
Kidney Cancer Treatment

KIDNEY ABLATION - Kidney Popsicles

Upon further examination by the oncologist at Michigan, it was determined that my carcinoma might be removed using a noninvasive, nonsurgical, relatively new method known as Renal Ablation.

The procedure is normally performed on an outpatient basis and does not require extended hospital stays. To perform the ablation, the patient is situated on a table in a CT device directed at the kidney. Once located, a long thin needle is inserted into the body and directly into the tumor which has been framed by the CT scan screen,

That needle is attached to a device that transfers extreme cold to a series of needle which are inserted through the skin to the tumor. After only a few minutes (depending on the size of the tumor) the the tumor freezes into an icy mass. When it thaws, the tumor is gone, leaving a small amount of residue that is absorbed by the body in a month or so. Patient recovery occurs within a day or two and follow up appointments are scheduled every six months.

This method has been approved and used successfully for several years with results equal to traditional surgeries. It is amazing how medicine continues to develop new ways to treat patients.

On the morning of the procedure, my doctor elected to administer a full dose of anesthesia. When I awoke a couple hours later I asked when the ablation would be done. There was no pain at all. I was kept under observation until late afternoon then dismissed.

This new process can eliminate a kidney tumor without the surgery. It's not magic, It's modern medicine at its best.

tumor removal options

Out Damned Spot

It came and now it's gone. A happy ending in our quest to eliminatethe cancers in our life. My Conclusion:

When it comes to serious medical conditions and surgeries, search out facilities and doctors with a history of success in your particular medical issue. There are a number of Hospitals connected with Universities throughout the nation that direct their efforts to certain specific areas of diseases.

Kidney Tumor

size does matter
size does matter

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